SOCCER CITY, the strategy board game for football lovers
SOCCER CITY, the strategy board game for football lovers


We are Gonzalo Rodrigo and Lisandro Nembrini, computer technician and a hotel worker respectively. We are two friends from Madrid (Spain), gamers and football lovers. 

Over three years ago we decided to try to fill a gap in the board game world, with the most realistic football board game ever made.

In 2013, with great enthusiasm, work and a great economic effort we edited the Spanish version of SOCCER CITY. Today, it continues in the Spanish market.


There were many hours of work to create a realistic and faithful football mechanics. There were many hours looking for the best design. And many more to find the right artist to illustrate and give life to the aesthetics and style we were looking for.  

SOCCER CITY was a success in Spain and it has generated all kinds of comments, but we know we made some mistakes that now, in this English edition, we wanted to solve.


Soccer City is a football turn-based board game that reproduces every possible action in a real football match.  

The game is played in turns by running events, represented in different cards that are played during the game. Dribbles, fouls, shots on goal, tactics... Soccer City is a complete football simulator inspired in the early twentieth century, with a retro look and a stunning design by illustrator Jorge Consuegra.

  • Complete football simulator: A realistic football game. Dribbles, Tackles, Tactical moves, Impossible Goalkeeper saves, Amazing Goals...  
  • Multiple action cards: advance in the field with a long pass, stop the offensive play with a tackle or improve the defense with a coach reprimand. Every game is different!  
  • Two teams and a Referee: Strict or permissive Referee, Controversial situations, Yellow cards, Sents off...  
  • Stunning design inspired in the early twentieth century.    
  • 45 - 90 minutes time play.
  • Rulebook. Version 3.0

Download Rulebook v2.1 HERE

  • The board
  •  22 players & 1 ball

For this edition, the 22 players are "standing man wood tokens". We will include 22 stickers-jerseys with their numbers.

  • 165 Cards (6 decks)

The Cards are the Engine of Soccer City. Each player will have a hand of cards that will be renewed continuously. So during their turn, each player could play the cards to move the ball, prepare a tactic or defend the goal. 

You can do dribblings, shots on goal and amazing savings.

But you can do a counter-attack, pressing, offside-trap or a many others, all of them, faithfully represented.

  • 2 Tactical pads 

Tactical Pads are used to check the influence of tactical actions.  

One side shows the offensive tactics that are played in the Action phase. The other side shows the defensive tactics, played on the Action phase to stop the tactics from your attacking opponent.

  • The Referee Dice 

The player that committs a foul has the option to roll the Referee Dice. Not rolling the dice means the Referee whistles the foul.   

In case the player decides to roll the dice the Referee will whistle what the Dice shows.

  • The scoreboard
  •  This Edition will include the Expansion The Cup.

This expansion is included in the components of the English Edition as a new Game Mode.

The components of the Cup Expansion are:

  • 5 new External Factors Cards.
  • 4 additional Meeples.





The Original and Exclusive Miniatures are part of the funding target.

Each set of Miniatures includes 11 different figures (plastic, 1.5in), with their bases and 1 ball. They will be in a transparent blister.

We introduce these 2 beatiful models. If we succeed, our sculptor, Imael Prieto will make the other 9 figures.





All the design and manufacturing will be made in Spain.



The LEGENDS Expansion takes the game to the next level.

Each card is a Legendary Player. Each character has his own personality, career and unique skills.

Those features are special skills, values for each player and a specific rol in the team.

It is simple mechanics. The values and special skills of each character will be added to the player with the specific number on the pitch.

There are 3 different characters for each number. Every match, each Mister will choose his own team, so every match will be different.


La Expansión LEYENDAS aporta al juego una nueva dimensión. 

La expansión la componen 33 personajes de Leyenda. Cada personaje de la Expansión tiene su propia personalidad, su historial y sus características únicas. 

Estas características incluyen unas habilidades especiales, unos valores de jugador y un rol específico en el equipo.

Un mecanismo sencillo, los valores y habilidades de cada personaje se incorporan al jugador con el dorsal correspondiente sobre el campo.

Hay 3 personajes diferentes por cada dorsal, y en cada partido los Jugadores eligen a su propio equipo, por lo que cada partido será diferente.




The game is played in turns, in which attacker plays first and then turn shifts to defender. 

Each player has a set of cards consisting in Ball cards, Offensive cards and Defensive cards and Shot on goal cards.

Attacking turn consists of 4 sequential phases, and players may decide whether to play them or pass to the next:

  • 1 – Ball Passing / Player advancing 
  • 2 - Offensive Action (Dribble or Tactical Move) 
  • 3 - Shot on goal 
  • 4 - Team repositioning  

Once Attacking turn is over, Defensive turn begins, which in 2 phases:  

  • 1 - Defensive Action (Tackle or Tactical Move) 
  • 2 - Team repositioning






The main target is to put in everyone's hands a board game that we consider essential for every soccer fan and do it with the highest quality and the lowest price possible for everyone. 

We have squeezed to the maximum the cost of each rewards to make it accessible to all. This cost includes the unit production of each, commissions, fees and taxes, a portion of the shipping and a small margin to approach other possible expenses and modifications that come with this type of campaign.


























If, with your support, the campaign is succesfull, we will start production on September 2015.

In the best scene, we hope in November we have the first units ready for shipment. So, during December all games would be delivered.

That would be the best... We hope do it the best possible. We count with your support... may the luck be with us!

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