Soccer City, the beautiful game.
Soccer City, the beautiful game.

Soccer City is a football turn-based board game that reproduces every possible action in a real football match.

The game is played in turns by running events, represented in different cards that are played during the game. Dribbling, fouls, shots on goal, tactics...Soccer City is a complete football simulator inspired in the early twentieth century, with a retro look and a stunning design by illustrator Jorge Consuegra. 

The goal of this Kickstarter campaign is to raise funds to produce the English version and involve backers in releasing the game in some more countries.  

Gameplay Features

* For 2 - 4 players.
* 45 - 90 minutes time play.
* Ages 12 and up.

The full game comes with: 

The Board, 48 width x 68 length, one side as the pitch and on the other a reserved area for card decks and cards playing. 
The Teams, (2 teams, 9 players each, in two different colours) (18 Standing man tokens). 
The Referee Dice (1) 
The Tactical Pads (2)
The Score    
6 Card Decks, Total 168 cards: 
 - Offensive Action Cards (27) 
 - Defensive Action cards (27) 
 - Shot-on-Goal cards (28) 
 - Goalkeeper Save cards (26) 
 - Ball playing cards (48) 
 - External Factors (12)

The game is played in turns, in which attacker plays first and then turn shifts to defender. Each player has a set of cards consisting in Ball cards, Offensive cards and Defensive cards and Shot on goal cards.

Attacking turn consists of 4 sequential phases, and players may decide whether to play them or pass to the next:

 1 – Ball Passing / Player advancing 
 2 - Offensive / Tactical Stock 
 3 - Shot on goal 
 4 - Team repositioning

Once Attacking turn is over, Defensive turn begins, which in 2 phases
 1 - Defensive / Tactical Action
 2 - Team repositioning  


The board is divided in 2 areas.  

One is for the Pitch, represented by a lattice of 21 x 15 hexagons. 

The other is the Technical area, the place where cards with your attacking / defending action are played.

Ball Cards: These cards are used to move the ball down the field, either as a Pass, or as a Player Advance.  


 Standing man tokens, numbered in both sides.


The Ball playing Cards represent just that, balls. These cards are used to move the ball down the field, either as a Pass, or as a Player Advance.

The Balls can be played in the first phase of Attacking turn: Ball Passing / Player advancing phase.

The Balls can be played in the first phase of Attacking turn: Ball Passing / Player advancing phase.  

Offensive Action Cards: Dribblings and Tricks to overcome an opponent. A Lean dribble, a Sombrero dribble, etc. each one with an assigned value that will compete against a defensive action.

Defensive action Cards: Tackles, Shoulder Charges and other attempts to steal the ball. 

Both offensive and defensive action cards also have the possibility to work as Tactical Actions. These are showed in the same card and allow offensive or defensive tactical moves. 

These Actions are played in the second phase, once the payer has decided whether to pass the ball or advance..

Shot-on-goal Cards are used to create a goal chance. Every Shot on goal has its main value and a bonus. You can get that bonus by fulfilling the conditions the card shows,upgrading the shot to a special shot like a Missile, a Superclass shot, etc...

 Shot on goal can be executed following the Action phase from the permitted area drawn on the board only.

Goalkeeper save Cards are used randomly by the defender when the attacker decides to shoot on goal. Value shown on Goalkeeper save cards must be equal or above Shot-on-goal card played to save the ball.

External factors are outside issues that may affect tthe macth progress such as "Coach anger" that strengthens your team or "Goalkeeper´s bad day", that weakens your goalie for the coming turns.They happen at random when playing an Action containing the External Factor (EF) mark.

Team Repositioning phase

Once the Attacking / Defending phase is over, both players have the possibility toreposition part of their teams, moving some players around the pitch.

Tactics Sketches are used to check the influence of tactical actions.

One side shows the offensive tactics that are played in the Action phase.

The other side shows the defensive tactics, played on the Action phase to stop the tactics from your attacking opponent.


The dice works as referee decissions, aimed to solve any controversial situation.

The player that committs a foul has the option to roll the Referee Dice. Not rolling the dice means the Referee whistles the foul.

In case the player decides to roll the dice the Referee will whistle what the Dice shows.

The dice is also numbered from 1 to 6, used to solve the result of a non-controlled ball.




Given the fact that Soccer City was originally created in Spain based on Spanish football terminology, some tricks, move and dribble names may vary from its original in English.  

Since this campaign is meant to both raise funds to release the English version, and increase awareness of its nature we would highly appreciate your suggestions and recommendations regarding the translation. Soccer City, as football itself, is a team work! 

Download the complete Soccer City RULEBOOK (1.0) here.


Soccer City launch fulfils the dream of two friends, now partners, who began this project two years ago in Spain and now, lots of work and efforts invested, intend to widen the idea of an active Football board Game to some other countries

In case Kickstarter campaign turns out successful, first English Edition is planned to be produced in July 2014.

Once minimum target is achieved, production will begin (July 2014, hopefully). 
Production lapse may vary, depending on funds raised and number of backers to be rewarded, but estimations are around 1 to 2 months. As soon as first units are produced we will proceed with shipments.

PLEDGE £?? or more:

High quality paper, full colour printouts A4 size, of picture of your choice. Choose one of the 36 different pictures of the game (still to come). 

Free shipment world wide.

  • PLEDGE £?? or more:

Official Soccer City White T-Shirt, number 10 on both back and chest, since you are player number 10 in the team. 

Free Shipment World Wide.

Soccer City T-Shirt
Soccer City T-Shirt

PLEDGE £?? or more:

168 playing cards that make the game and original PDF files “Print&Play” of rest of the components.

Includes Shipping within EU. Add £?? for Shipping outside EU.

PLEDGE £?? or more:

"DI STEFANO"(Early Bird #1). Only the first 50 backers.

Standard version of the game + all stretch goals. 

Includes Shipping within EU. Add £?? for Shipping outside EU.

PLEDGE £?? or more:

"KUBALA" (Early Bird #2). Only 50 backers.

Standard version of the game + all stretch goals. 

Includes Shipping within EU. Add £?? for Shipping outside EU.

PLEDGE £?? or more:

"ZARRA" (Early Bird #3). Only 100 backers.

Standard version of the game + all stretch goals. 

Includes Shipping within EU. Add £?? for Shipping outside EU.

PLEDGE £?? or more:

"PUSKAS" (Early Bird #4). Only 100 backers.

Standard version of the game + all stretch goals. 

Includes Shipping within EU. Add £?? for Shipping outside EU.

PLEDGE £?? or more:


Standard version of the game + all stretch goals. 

Includes Shipping within EU. Add £?? for Shipping outside EU.

PLEDGE £?? or more:

Only 50 backers.

Standard version of the game + 2 Original T-Shirts (choose your sizes) + all stretch goals.

Includes Shipping within EU. Add £?? for Shipping outside EU.

PLEDGE £?? or more:

Only 20 backers.

You'll receive 5 games and 5 Original T-Shirts and save £??

Includes all Stretch Goals.

Includes Shipping within EU. Add £?? for Shipping outside EU.

Soccer City is an originally Spanish produced Game and shipments are done from Madrid, Spain.  

We have adapted our rewards as much as possible in order to include free EU shipmentin every case but unfortunately charges for rest of the world are not included.  

Once the campaign is over and hopefully succesful we will commence with production. 
Estimated production time may take some 8 weeks so we expect to start shipping first rewards towards third week of ?? 2014.

Items will be sent via courier or guaranteed mail.  

  • £15.000 ---> Legends Mode

18 additional playing cards with “Legendary” players
A new Game Mode with additional Legendary players illustrated by our artist, Jorge Consuegra. 

Every Legend has his own properties, different from ordinary players, as well as his own trophy list and special skills, and add the game new variables.

Contains: 18 cards and special rule book.

  • £20.000 ---> Cup Mode

Cup Mode emulates a Cup Leg with its own rules, special External Factors that replicates the pros and cons of playing home or away, and a wider team in order to line up a more defensive or ofensive team, depending on aggregate score and your tactical intuition.

Contains: 12 additional cards, 4 pieces and special rule book.


Some two years ago two close friends, football, board game lovers began creating a rough, hand-made edition of what would later be Soccer City, filling the gap this kind of games had on the board game range.

Their experience in the board game field was limited and the idea of seeing this project in the market was not on their views. But their passion for football and the increasing interest from others towards the project pushed forward the release in Spain by mid-2013.

Gonzalo & Lisandro
Gonzalo & Lisandro

The active turn-based game, the wide range of tactics, moves and possible actions make Soccer City the attractive football game where nearly real football thrill can be experienced.

The idea of illustrating Soccer City with classic football scenes and fashions was unquestionable from the very beginning, referring the game to football origins and thus honouring the sport that made us living such great moments.

We got best professionals and collaborators helping Soccer City to be what is now, without whom we could hardly succeed. We would like to thank them all, particularly Jorge Consuegra, Cartoonist and illustrator.

We also want to thank all our families, friends, relatives and game testers who contributed so much to the project initial success with their encouragement and unconditional support. 

We want to thank Carlos Rodrigo, the English translator. 

Also thanks to 'Wise Conversion' for their support, and especially to James and Nick for their effort and support in the project.

And last but not least thanks to Kickstarter for giving us the opportunity to develop this campaign.

And, of course, thanks to Football.


  • £?? PLEDGE

You can watch the picture you like the most for your £5 PLEDGE right here:




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