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Experience the most exquisite smart and slim space saving 3.0 USB Wall Charger

28 August 2017- There are so many circumstances when we need more than just a single USB hub charger, either we have multiple devices that need charged at the same time or we have friends, family or coworkers that want to charge their devices as well. Often times many individuals result to buying or borrowing an extra charger or looking for more electricity sockets to plug in the extra device. Those problems have all been excellently solved by The SnuggPlug USB wall charger.

The SnuggPlug is a smart, dynamic, and compact wall socket that helps its users conserve energy whilst saving space and money. The design of the charger was our biggest focal point, as well as the safety of it. That is why we the creators Andrena Laverty and Svetlana Schubert made a slick, compact, sophisticated charger that everyone would find a use for everywhere, every time. 

Our fascinating charger has the 3 USB ports facing upright to avoid being bent or twisted and costing the user more financial implications to repair or replace. 

We are trying to raise $50,000 on Kickstarter for this top notch project which has huge potential to be a top seller in the market. We have already got 43 backers on board so far and are looking for more. Early backers will have huge savings on the retail price of the SnuggPlug and retailers stand to double their investments.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to invest right now by backing this project on Kickstarter using the link


Please come and support our project, if you are unable to back it, we would appreciate it if you would help us to share it with your network to help us achieve our goal and bring the SnuggPlug to life.


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