Snazzy Penz - Burls and Swirls - Custom Handcrafted Pens
Snazzy Penz - Burls and Swirls - Custom Handcrafted Pens

This project has already launched.

For me, there has always been something special about a favorite pen, so I want to create fine, quality writing instruments for you. Each one is handcrafted, one at a time, with attention to detail, fit, and finish. If you also have a love of fine pens and want to start or add to your collection, or maybe simply to have a special gift for someone, I hope you will consider backing this project.

My project offers you the opportunity to create your own personal writing instrument by choosing your favorite style of pen and the wood type from a predetermined list.

I run a small website where I sell the pens that I make. I am a Christian, husband, step-father, veteran, chef, teacher, and a woodworker who pays the bills by drafting architectural drawings for Ashton Woods Homes.

I have always liked fine detail work, the smaller and more delicate, the better. From plastic and wood models, to micro-miniature repairs to circuit card assemblies, even custom cakes, I've always enjoyed working with my hands. Even though I enjoy being creative with many mediums, wood is one of my favorite.

The patterns and designs that the grain creates has always intrigued, and often surprised me with its great variety. This is why I love turning pens so much. It is fine detail work, delicate, yet rewarding. I also love knowing that each of my pieces is a usable piece of art.

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