Vancouver, BC. - Feb. 20, 2015 “Snakey has just made camping and hiking a whole lot easier” Pixihop looked at the current designs to compress sleeping bags and eliminated the labour and time by as much as 20X.

“Snakey is a game changer for all hiking and camping activities. It solves the No. 1 consumer dissatisfaction with packing,” said John McNeeley Designer and co-owner.


We designed Snakey to compress your sleeping bag in seconds not minutes. Say good by to the difficult, time consuming methods forever.


We approached the design in a whole new radical way, what if we were to draw the bag into a compression sleeve?

As simple it looks this product underwent many design changes including appropriate material selection. In total, I would have to guess we assembled 50 plus Snakey’s before we ended up with a suitable ripstop nylon. This was not just any ripstop nylon, this had to be specially coated to meet the demands.

Our test led us to a ripstop that contained a low friction coefficient surface on the inside and high on the outside. These two properties were very important for sliding the sleeping bag into the sleeve and maintaining traction on the outer surface for compression.

Another design feature that was not be overlooked, how to prevent the sleeve from turning inside out when deploying the sleeping bag. This solution came in the from of a secondary feature on the ring.

There was plenty of debate in the early staqes of development, specifically, what should be done with such a long tube/ hose after containment. Some just said not to concern, many campers would just end up tossing this into the back of the pickup or SUV and go, while others petitioned that a good portion of campers and hikers would demand it necessary to compress this into something more manageable.

Of all the ideas put forward, coiling this up like a fire hose was best and recommended. Coiling was quick and easy but more importantly this method provided additional compression and reduced the overall dimensions considerably. In a comparison with a competing compression sack, Snakey exceeds. It is well understood among outdoor enthusiasts a very important requirement was to reduce overall mass.


competitor compression designs vs. Snakey ... no contest!


Often we get the question, “will this work on my sleeping bag?” As much as we wanted this to work on any type of sleeping bag ever made the design only permitted for sleeping bags that contained down filled, synthetic down fill or a combination of the two. These materials made it possible to allow for quick compression. A quick test to see if Snakey would work with your bag, open it up and compress with a fabric tape measure around the widest part. Should this compress to less than 15”, Snakey is the right product for you.

After months of design changes and alterations our team dialed in a prototype that is ready for a ‘Croudfunding’ campaign March 10, 2015.


Assuming all goes well and you guys like what you see, Snakey will move this to large scale production early 2015.



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