Snaireo - A new snail is on the way
Snaireo - A new snail is on the way

This project has already launched.

Get away from the inconvenient wired charging and low-speed wireless charging and meet SNAIREO, offering you the best wireless experiences than ever by embracing fast-charging and Bluetooth speaker function, A new snail is on the way.

Short Summary

Hi, everyone, I am Timmy Liang, the founder of White Elephant Thinktank, a crowdfunding marketing and design agency. 

Today I am introducing our new product Snaireo, a wireless charging Bluetooth speaker. It is a functional and aesthetic wireless charging solution enabled with fast charging and Bluetooth speaker. We create the  word Snaireo for its name because during a meeting, one of our employees said the appearance of the product looks like a snail. 

The idea of developing a wireless charger came in when I was totally tired of iPhone cables which I bought over 10 pieces within a year. The inconvenience of wire restriction and easy-breaking quality makes me wonder what is the best solution to get my phone charged. Someone might say the time for wireless charging has not come yet. But I personally think it is the time to start something new since we are al tired of the old ways.

In addition, wireless charging is not a new thing, but we compared all kinds of current products and find out most of them has a problem with overheating or low charging speed so we finally come up with the new solution Snaireo. It charges faster than regular plug-in, saving nearly 30% time, and it reduce around 25% heating comparing with other wireless charging. 

What We Need & What You Get

We need at least $25,000 to support the mass production of Snaireo wireless charger and related branding products. We need your support to bring this idea into reality. It is not just about the Snaireo's success or not, it is about what you think and how you deal with problem. Are you still struggling with uncomfortable wire charging and other problem-related wireless charging models. It is time for you to make a decision, follow the past or look forward to the future. We stand at the point we think it should be and will be, let's make it happen since a new snail is on the way.

In return, you will get the coolest and most functional wireless charging Bluetooth speaker and related branding products.

We are raising $25,000 to improve the prototype and do mass production in order to break down the price. 

If you spend $169, you can get a couple of SNAIREO wireless charging Bluetooth speaker in black or silver or combined.

If you spend $99, you can get a SNAIREO wireless charger in either black or silver.


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