SMASHmouse, Improving how we control our digital devices and what we can be doing while controlling.
SMASHmouse, Improving how we control our digital devices and what we can be doing while controlling.

This project has already launched.

SMASHmouse started by solving a problem that all musicians know all too well. More than ever, musicians are using technology to learn, play, record and perform music. But we all have the same problem:


Certainly not very well, if at all, until now. Say hello to SMASHmouse. Now you can Kick It to Click It and keep on playing!


The origin of creating SMASHmouse all started for me learning to play guitar about 5 years ago:

  • Find tabs, chords online (and get frustrated trying to the turn/scroll a page)
  • Play along on multimedia player (even more frustrating just to start the song in time)
  • Watch lessons on YouTube (Having to stop and rewind a tough section just made me want to stop playing!)

I wanted to a better tool to do this and ended up making a solution to this and more (like Page Turn, Beats, Multi-effects, MIDI, DAW and more...all in one universal pedal).



To see more media coverage, please click here.

Our Standard unit includes:

Mouse Mode

Yep, it started with building a better mouse pedal. Just roll your ankle and SMASH the center for Primary click. No moving your leg all around and searching for a separate click button causing you to lose focus on playing.

Instinctive and ergonomic Mouse Mode 
Instinctive and ergonomic Mouse Mode


Playback Mode

See the icons on the pedal? Just hit the lower left MODE Button, watch the LED change from blue to red, and now you are in Playback mode.

One 'kick' command of all your Playback toolbar functions. Works with all mutlimedia players and online audio/video players like YouTube 
One 'kick' command of all your Playback toolbar functions. Works with all mutlimedia players and online audio/video players like YouTube



Musicians learning to play an instrument will be more efficient than ever!




What we can build for the future:

Our Patent Pending design allows us to do something NO other pedal does - be universal. With our built in microprocessor, we can offer for download cool, free upgrades and low cost app's that make SMASHmouse like a universal remote control for any software or digital device.

The value of SMASHmouse to you, the user, is you buy one unit now, and then add more functionality as you wish at a much lower total cost than buying multiple products that barely solve one problem. Heck, you can buy two units and have one for each foot or for specific functions if you want and still save money in the long run.




New Horizons

The most amazing part of the journey to build SMASHmouse has been the wonderful, yet unexpected, discoveries of how, and who, SMASHmouse can help. So many people have the same problem as musicians:


As a universal device, SMASHmouse offers 3 types of control:

1. Mouse, Joysticks 

  • X and Y control
  • Z Axis allows for SMASH in center (e.g. Right Click for mouse, Mute command for PC Gamer)

2. One 'Kick' Keyboard Shortcut Custom Bind 

  • Activate software commands with one 'kick' in a specific direction (e.g. Up, or Left)
  • Up to 10x 1-'kick' command  functions can be programed: Up, Down, Left, Right, both diagonals, smash center, and double smash center
  • Sequential layering with Right Button (11-20, 21-30, etc.)

3. Expression and Range Control

  • Multi-dimensional: Up/Down, Left/Right and even both diagonals can be assigned to allow for 4 separate Dimensions (e.g. Multiple effects can be expression control for MIDI)
  • Omni-directional: The HOLY GRAIL! Now musicians can have DJ Pad like control. Custom MIDI commands can be assigned, like Reverb on X-axis and Flange on Y-axis, and use our platform to synthesize while still playing your guitar. The dream is real!

More than ever, musicians are using technology to learn, play, record and perform. SMASHmouse has the potential to dramatically change how this is done at home, in the recording studio (DAW protocol) and even on stage (yes, we could even help control visual/light effects). Support SMASHmouse so you can Kick It to Click, keep both hands on your instrument and keep on playing!

The possibilities seem to be unlimited only by your imagination. I've been amazed at the number of people who have approached me with their problem, only to find out SMASHmouse's unique multi-modal functionalities offer a solution.

Two examples that we are already empower or are developing for:

Assistive Tech

For upper body and lower body use, SMASHmouse is a mouse and custom keyboard shortcut tool. Interestingly, it was Video Gamers with Disabilities who first came to me:



Of course, having gamers with disabilities come to us to help them, made it obvious any gamer can benefit from being more efficient. Want to score more? SMASHmouse can offer you the same Custom Shortcut Binding. We will be a launching a low cost PC Gaming App soon after our campaign fulfillment, so if you are a gamer, but a unit now at a discount to be ready to Kick It to Click It with our PC Gaming App!

Everyone is welcome!

More than anything, I want to build a SMASHmouse community.

I want to partner with companies that already offer great products, but with hands free control could be even better. Why build it if we can partner with you?

I want people with ideas for new products to work with us. Let's create great things together. Or, if you prefer to do it yourself, then you can offer your software solution to users in our SMASHmart app store.

Data Entry, VR/AR, Manufacturing, Medical, Aerospace…let your imagination run wild as to how, and who, SMASHmouse can help. Please  contact me to build something magical together.

CROWDFUNDING REWARDS - How you can support SMASHmouse

Back our $35 or more Ambassador Reward and show your support and style with our Let's Kick It to Click It World Tour T-shirt 
Back our $35 or more Ambassador Reward and show your support and style with our Let's Kick It to Click It World Tour T-shirt

We've been amazed with the amount of support of we have received. Now, we need you to bring that support to our campaign so we can bring SMASHmouse to life. Reward-based crowdfunding is a huge help to companies like ours looking to get a validated product to market. We have looked to keep it simple in the rewards we offer, while ensuring we provide our supporters as much value as we can - including some special incentives.


Support us early and we'll give you more functionality FREE

By far, a Page Turner App is the #1 request we get for additional functionality. As a special thank you to our Early Bird supporters, we are offering Reward # 3 giving you our Page Turner App FREE once it is ready!

You will have the ability to control most any software and browser:

  • Page Turn Left
  • Page Turn Right
  • Scroll Page Up
  • Scroll Page Down

This low cost App will be available to purchase to anyone who buys their own SMASHmouse once it is ready.



It's truly amazing how much we've accomplished in short time! The best part is, with your support, we're only months away from manufacturing our first run!



One of the greatest things we accomplished recently is identifying a US manufacturer who specializes in low production runs - M-Wave International. They even manufacture effects pedals for one of the music leading brands - Morley Pedals. 

Now, we only have to make 500 units minimum (vs. 5,000 with the Chinese Tooling model) and make them here in the USA!

Our goal is based on costs for Design For Manufacturing (DFM), per unit for 500 MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity), Packaging, Administrative and Fulfilment. That number for 500 units is approximately $40,000 with a buffer to cover fulfilment and other costs. We've added the 5% Kickstarter Fee and 3% Credit Card Fee to make sure we have enough money to get every supporter their highest quality unit quickly! 

Of course, we want to make more for our customers, however you will notice we have capped our offer to 5,000 units (better get yours quickly!). The reason for this is to ensure all the components we need are available and to allow us to focus on making the very best product possible. It also means we have enough with our $450,000 Stretch Goal to get all supporters who get a unit the Page Turn app.

Bottom line, we want to use our Kickstarter funding opportunity to develop the very best product for our early adopters and take the next step in our journey together.




Robb Dillon/Founder & CEO - A visionary, who thankfully stinks at guitar, who saw a problem, created a solution and found the right team to make it a reality.

Don Muntner and Noah McNeely/Product Quickstart - Product Design and Concept including hardware and firmware

Joseph Pruitt/Align Machineworks - Appearance and Production Prototype

Marcus Henderson/Merge Development - Branding, Design and Website

Melissa Mannozzi/Underground Creative Group - Marketing

Thank you for your support!

The key word to me in 'crowdfunding' is crowd. It takes all of you who see a solution and believe in a company to help make people's dreams come true. SMASHmouse can't happen without you, which makes me nervous, but I know already there is a crowd ready to help us. Please, join our community and let's build something great together.

Thank you very much.

Now, is our time.



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