SMARTBUNCH – the world's first modular light bulb
SMARTBUNCH – the world's first modular light bulb

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Adapt the shape, style, format & strength of your light to suit you. This level of flexibility has not been seen before. Until now.



SMARTBUNCH is the world's first modular light bulb. It offers flexibility never seen before in lighting. Change shape, style, format & strength as it suits you.

We have designed this product with you, the user, in mind. We're all about empowering you to take control of the design and technology in your life.

Created by us and re-Designed by you

A new breed of light bulb

We are saying ‘light bulb’ but, in truth, there are no words in English that describe our product. This is a whole new breed: light bulb & light fitting; lamp & chandelier; candlelight & torch. And a future smart-home hub. 

Thankfully, we've condensed all of that into one important word: ‘SMARTBUNCH’. It's much easier. And quicker!

You have full control over your lights' look, style and brightness

Lighting typically consists of two independent products: light bulb & light fitting performing one function. If you need more / less light, you buy a new bulb. If you get tired of the design, size or the way it directs light, you have to buy a new fitting. The result is always the same: wasted time, money and increased landfill.  

We wanted to change this antiquated practice and come up with a new and innovative concept. The result is a product that combines the light bulb and the light fitting for a beautiful, and functional design. It is not fixed, or rigid, but fluid and able to evolve with the needs of the owner.

You are in full control throughout the time when your needs and aesthetic reasoning change and evolve.

Express yourself. Impress yourself! 

The innovative modular construction allows you to build the form that you want. It takes seconds to assemble a shape: just bring the triangles together and they magnetically click into place. Talk about satisfying.

And it's not just the form that's flexible. You can also choose the material most suitable for your home. Do you want to match your trendy plywood shelving with our birch light? Or do you want pure white opal to go with your minimal design? Maybe you want to make a statement and have the warm and beautiful copper light? It's your call.

How many different designs can you create?

Houses are full of lights. It's true. They're above our dining tables, in our living rooms, on our bedside tables, at our work desks. Everywhere.

Now you can replace them all with one light designed by you. One product that can morph from a big bright chandelier to a desk light for reading, to replacing candle light at a dinner party. You can even split it into multiple lighting pieces lighting up different places at the same time!

It is magnetic

You do not have to form only three-dimensional forms, SMARTBUNCH works amazingly well in 2-D as well and because it is magnetic you can attach it to anything with steel inside. Any wall corner (all corners have a steel bead in the UK), exposed steel, fridge, and so many other places.

And this is without any fixings, just touch and it attaches itself in seconds. Like magic.

SMARTBUNCH is the Smart-Home hub of the future

With SMARTBUNCH you are not just getting light – you are getting a smart-home hub, and we will be adding new triangles every year. We are forming key partnerships with reputable companies to develop triangles for our system. Soon you will see Speaker, Camera, Artificial Assistant, Screen, Solar Cell, Scent Hub, and so MUCH more.

Can you imagine all the tech of the future?

You do not have to - with our system you will always have access to the latest technology. You'll be able to update and install in seconds by attaching a new triangle to your existing bunch.

Keep on moving, changing, borrowing, swapping with your friends - the possibilities are infinite. SMARTBUNCH is the last smart home system you will ever need.

Move the triangles between rooms in a couple of seconds, with no required installation - just attach it. Move the Speaker from the living room to the bedroom in seconds, or take to a park with the Battery. Move the camera from the living room to the lobby when you go on holiday and use it as a security alarm. Your devices will be used so much more efficiently, and you will save a lot of money.

It is a decluttering exercise

There are so many products laying around on mantels, kitchen tables, bedside drawers that we want to de-clutter. With our system, your room has just become more minimal and your space more beautiful. Why deal with yet another App when all your devices can be in one place?


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