Smart Rope - The Evolution of a Classic
Smart Rope - The Evolution of a Classic

SMART ROPE. The Evolution of a Classic.

Smart Rope is an LED-embedded jump rope that works with your smartphone. 

This the first active fitness wearable for the Smart Gym platform, designed around the user experience to incorporate active workout data. Rather than simply monitoring movement like most passive wearables, Smart Rope incorporates the real, natural motion of jumping rope to accurately count jumps, track and recommend workout interval sessions, and calculate calories burned based on your body mass index (BMI).

“The jump rope may be the most portable and convenient cardio tool available. Relearn how to use it and you’ll be lean, spry, and well conditioned for life.” - Men’s Fitness

We tackle the jump rope’s fundamental challenges, and then empower our workout with technology and smart data. 

With each jump, Smart Rope displays jump data right before your eyes, creating a truly immersive workout experience that’s fun - and just as important, provides information you’ll actually use to get healthier. 

Smart Rope is a creation of Tangram, an award-winning multi-disciplinary design agency established in Seoul, in 2008. Some of the world's leading brands use Tangram experiences in their most iconic products. Tangram has office in Seoul and New Jersey.

Kickstarter Launch Feb 25

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