Smart On Drugs Policy With Growth In Recovery
Smart On Drugs Policy With Growth In Recovery

What Is The War On Drugs?

The War On Drugs is the result of drug policy that is over 40 years old. So what has this war taught us since it was first declared " Public enemy number one," by Richard Nixon? It has taught us nothing and left the souls of people dealing with drug addiction to be hollow and empty. Just like the Vietnam War, the War On Drugs cannot be won...It should be replaced and left a relic stuck in time like it belongs...





Smart On Drugs Policy: A Different View Of Life

Growth In Recovery advocates the adoption of a "Smart On Drugs Policy". A Smart On Drugs Policy is vastly different from the War On Drugs.

1. War On Drugs advocated incarceration. Smart On Drugs offers rehabilitation.

2. War On Drugs spread misinforamtion and propoganda. Smart On Drugs correctly represents information on both sides of the coin.

3. Smart On Drug Policy suggests decriminalization. The War On Drugs suggested mandatory minimums, descrimination, and devastation of society.


Growth In Recovery understands that a Smart On Drugs Policy will not happen overnight. Quite the contrary, we realize that since it has taken over 40 years to get to this point that there is tons of work to be completed. However, with your support, Growth In Recovery is committed to providing a different view of drug addiction for the United States, United Nations, and society as a whole.


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