Slicer- A game for the IOS and Google Play
Slicer- A game for the IOS and Google Play

Hello There, People!

My name is Leland Lewis and i'm starting a mobile game company known as "SteamHorse Games". This is a mobile game project that have been doing for a year, right now this is a idea of the game and i've been seeking funds to get it off the ground so i can get it into the App stores(IOS, Google play,etc.) into people's hands to play the game.


What Inspires you to want to build the game?

The idea of the game came from "Fruit ninja", while i was playing the game slicing up fruits as well being simple to play. Then i thought i want to make a game that would be similar, easy to play but challenging and a game that can innovate and evolve. To do that, i would need the funds to begin the development and Marketing of the game and i don't plan to keep it as an idea, I rather go ahead and get CRACKING on building the game soon as possible.


What Platforms is your game going to be on?

Releasing it on Google play first, Then i'm going release them on the IOS and Amazon Appstores. It'll be on the Tablets and Smartphones

What are the Modes to this game?

Game Modes:

Classic Mode- Slice and score points, avoid hitting bombs and Beware of Random effects it can help or hinder you.


Arcade Mode- 3 mins of game-play, Extend your game time by hitting the clock hands or Hit the Neon bomb to speed the energy of your Full Swing Gauge!!




Fever Pitch Mode- Non-Stop Slicing and dicing, in a very chaotic pattern and it take a very skilled slicer to rack up a high score.  It have 3 modes: Fever Pitch(Unlimited Power!!!), Winding Down(Weakened, use bombs and sharp concentration to prevent a overload of energy!) and Winding Up(Bring you back to full Glory). Can you keep it going to get a high score long as you can, Don't Let one object drop or Let your energy overflow while you are winding down or your game will end in a heartbeat!






What are the Features in the Game?

Full Swing:

The Power of creation at your fingertips to control the power of Clockwork itself to control Time or Become the Master of Abaddon to manipulate the Cosmos and Gravity itself. The gauge fills up with every object sliced, when it's full you can active your special power.

Ex. Hold down and Swipe left or right to slow down time or Swipe diagonally to create a Reflect laser of the Cosmos

ISM(Personal Play Style)

The Personal Play Style means you as the player chose your own style of gameplay. You can Play the O-ISM(Original) Gameplay, Nothing special




 or Looking for a new school of Gameplay, Choose S-ISM(Slicing)



There are More ISM modes to be coming as well

X, V, N, RS, etc. But they also affect the Way you use Full swing as well the Gameplay in their own different ways.



Right now, Ladies and Gentleman these are 2-3 features that are going to be in the game. More will features will be added more in Time...

Such as Full swing gets Easier to use and you may be suprised what you do more with it.

New Game Modes that are not Impossible to Master, But you will challeged by the Flow of Time itself where time can be unpredictable at all times, the Unpredictable Taboo that can throw you out of wack and catch you off guard, etc.

New ISM modes that give you a different taste of the gameplay such as Controlling Reality, Infusing yourself with the power of Time or perhaps you want a fast, fluid action.

Customer Feedback will part of it, so you can help guide it to be More fun and easier to play,  as well as keeping you guys in the loop and maybe you suggest add something in there that you would like in the game.


Where our Money going to once you reach your funding goal?

The Money will go toward Making the Prototype of the Game - $5,260. I'll show it so people would be able to see what it looks like.

After that- $59,652 for Developing the game so it can be playable and i'll be Sending out Invitations to have people test it before it goes into the marketplace.

And lastly $10k Budget to Market the game to make sure that everybody knows about the game. I don't want to release it and nobody knows that the game didn't exist, I want to make sure that people know about it and are aware that the game is ready to be played like it never played before


Are you the Only Person that working on your game?

No, I'm working with a Outsourcing company that assisting me in the development of the game. The game is going to take 2-3 months to be built and i'm constant thinking of new ideas to evolve the gameplay. The game is going to be built with 2-3 features and is going to be Adding 1-2 features to it every month


Why did you Chose Indiegogo, Instead of doing it on kickstarter?

Personally, with Kickstarter i wouldn't be able to start at a certain time and the process can be complicated. Here with Indiegogo, I can get started right away and i like it to be a suitable choice especially if you set your mind to start right away


Can You Deliver the Perks and What are the rewards?

Yes, i can the Deliver the perks, i work with Teelaunch to make sure i get it into your hands soon as possible. If anything changes, I'll give weekly updates to see where your perks are at so i'll be checking often.

The Rewards: 


Other Ways You Can Help

If you want to contribute, but money isn't exactly something you can spend at the moment. You can:

  • Spread the word about my campaign
  • Use Social Media to make sure people know about it
  • Word Of mouth
  • Shout to the Mountain, Shout to the Streets and hey, if you wanna start talking with every person you meet even if you don't know them, The sky is the limit here.
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