Sisu: Medical Devices for the Developing World
Sisu: Medical Devices for the Developing World

This project has already launched.

80% of medical technology is developed for only 10% of the world

Sisu Global Health is a medical technology company focused on the developing world. We create medical devices that are shaped and designed by doctors on the ground and that ease the need for some scarce resources, including electricity and donor blood. 

We do this by selling our devices at a fair and marketable price- which allows us to scale healthcare impacts at a much higher rate.


The Tool

Our first device is auto-transfusion device for blood called the Hemafuse. For those without medical degrees, this simply means that instead of using a pint of donor blood in an emergency situation, our device allows us to salvage and filter a person's own blood from an internal bleed.

This is big news for the many places in Sub-Saharan Africa and other developing countries who have huge donor blood shortages. Skilled doctors in Sub-Saharan Africa are already trying to alleviate this problem by performing their own form of auto-transfusion: a soup ladle to spoon blood from a patient and gauze to filter the blood. This certainly saves some lives, but we can agree that something better is needed. 

Emergencies with internal bleeding can occur in blunt trauma events, like car accidents, or the leading killer for mother's in their first trimester: ruptured ectopic pregnancies.  


The Ask

As the above video notes, we have been working for several years in Ghana. Our main supporters have come from this one country and this will be our launching point. Unexpectedly, several doctors in Zimbabwe have made a call for the Hemafuse and want to see it tested in their hospitals. This approval for testing in their hospitals means that we could get on the market much faster and be saving more lives. 

However, we do not have the money required to purchase equipment such as simulators, run full workshop trainings and support our team on the ground (the same team that's writing this Prefundia article). We will be asking for $55,000 on our IndieGoGo page coming mid-December to fully support this initiative. 

Why You Should Support Us

The Hemafuse is a patent-pending device that has undergone lab testing for safety in major institutions like Michigan State and the University of Michigan. The Hemafuse and Sisu Global Health have also been endorsed by USAID, Gates Foundation, Grand Challenges Canada, UKAID, and the government of Norway through Saving Lives at Birth: A Grand Challenge for Development. We also have letters of support from Ghanaian teaching hospitals to the National Blood Service of Ghana to international NGO's. 

This is a full-time job for us. Help us create greater health opportunities for those who persevere in the face of adversity. 


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