Sinners Volume One Supernatural Noir Graphic Novel
Sinners Volume One Supernatural Noir Graphic Novel

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This morning, Hope Martinez woke up dead in a derelict apartment. To make matters worse, Danny, her on-off boyfriend, and the only person she comes close to trusting, lies murdered in the hallway outside.

Shocked and confused, Hope runs, but only as far as the mysterious limousine parked outside the building.

Sheltering inside from the cops, the chauffeur tells her the limo is now hers, and she must now go wherever the GPS tells her to collect the sinners.

Before she can find out anything else, the chauffeur opens the trunk and gets sucked in, in a blinding flash of light.

Now Hope is alone, with the limo, the GPS, and the whole of the US in front of her...

Sinners Volume One

Collected in this bumper volume are Sinners issues 1 to 4, each issue a 32 page, full colour, comic, combined into a 132-page omnibus covering the first 24 hours of Hope's new journey.

The 'Sinners' comic series is 12 issues in total. Seven of the issues will cover the seven deadly sins, and the rest build the story.

As well as Hope, we also discover where Danny, her murdered boyfriend, has ended up, and follow him on his journey into other realms.

Why Kickstarter?

We're running the 'Sinners Volume One' Kickstarter campaign to help raise the funds for printing.

Using Kickstarter, we're able to reward our backers by offering Kickstarter exclusive rewards, as well as the guarantee you'll be receiving the book first!  

'Sinners Volume One' is 100% complete and, bar the backers' names being put into the book, ready to go to print.

Kickstarter is a fantastic site, which helps us reach as many people as possible, and we're always delighted to hear the great feedback we receive from our fans.

Free 24 Page Sample

We hope you like the look of 'Sinners Volume One'. To help you further make up your mind, you can read the first 24 pages by clicking on the link below.

Click here for your free 24-page preview! 


Simon Birks - Writer

Simon Birks - Author
Simon Birks - Author

Sinnes is written by Blue Fox Comics co-founder and award-winning writer Simon Birks.

His other comics include Gone, Hexes, Robyn, and The Girl in the Midnight Gown, which have all successfully raised funds for printing using the Kickstarter platform.


RHStewart - Artist
RHStewart - Artist

Roy was born and raised in London, before moving to Leeds. He has a Degree in Graphic Design & Illustration and his first published sequential art was for Blue Water comics’ Vincent Price Presents in 2009.

He has contributed to a number of anthologies including 'DeadRoots', Afterlife's ‘Silver Screen’, The British Showcase Anthology and Kuruz.

In 2010 he collaborated with BE Active’s transmedia production 'Collider' providing the ‘flashback’ art for the 6 issue series which has now been made into an Emmy nominated feature film.

In May 2013, his Aleister Crowley Biography was published as a paperback and was later released as a limited edition hardback at Thought Bubble in November 2013.

Lyndon White

Lyndon White - Letterer
Lyndon White - Letterer

Lyndon is a UK freelance illustrator, writer and comic artist. Working with publishers such as Blue Fox Comics, Hellbound Media, Disconnected Press, ComicHaus, Capstone Press, Lyndon is a rising star in the comics industry.

Working on a range of titles with his own unique flair to horror, surrealism and narrative storytelling.











Blue Fox Comics Guarantee

We really appreciate everything our backers do for us, and want to make sure that they feel supported.

To help achieve this, Blue Fox Comics offer a money back guarantee - if you are unhappy with your rewards, and return them, undamaged, within one month of receiving them we will return your pledge amount to you.

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Campaign Timeline

The 'Sinners Volume One' campaign runs mid-January to mid-February. We'll send out surveys in late February, print the book and create the merchandise in March/April, before sending the books out to the backers in late April.

We have contingency built into this model, to cater for any unforeseen delays.

Thank You

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at our campaign. If you've got this far, then we hope you've found it interesting.

I loved creating Sinners Volume One, and I hope it will intrigue and surprise you!


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