Simpli Earth
Simpli Earth

This project has already launched.

Solano Cosmetics has just launched a brand new product line called Simpli Earth, which is founded by Derrick & Anthony Solano. Simpli Earth is a brand that will be based strictly around organic plants.

We will be offering everything from Organic lotions, organic makeup, organic clothing, organic foods, organic perfumes, organic air fresheners, organic car fresheners, organic household cleaners, organic drinks, organic laundry soaps, organic bathroom supplies, organic cosmetics and so much more.

Right now Simpli Earth is in pre-production of one product called OrgAir. OrgAir is an organic water based mist made of an aromatic blend of fresh pine, apple, orange, and our secret herb mixture slow simmered to an exotic perfection. Simpli Earth OrgAir captivates the mind and body with its aromatic evolution.

Pine has always been used as a plant that wards off negativity and negative energy, as well as an air purifier and odor eliminator, but did you know that Apples, Oranges and our secret herb blend are also not only great scents, but used for the same purposes as Pine is used for?
So we have taken our mixture, slow simmered it to an aromatic accomplishment, and produced a one of a kind product that not only gets rid of negative energy which results in a purified Spirit, but it also smells truly one of a kind – brilliant!
Another product that we have in pre-production is our Simpli Earth Organic Pine Hand Cream. This all natural fresh pine moisturizing hand cream not only smells like the forest, but also provides a protective moisturizer that keeps your hands silky smooth all day. This product is scheduled for production in 2018.

Our products have not been released to the public yet. We are currently accepting donations from individuals or businesses who believe in our brand and products. All donations will go towards our grand business launch late 2017. 

Please donate and share this campaign with everyone you know. The world needs a company like ours, Simpli Earth - Solano Cosmetics. Thank you.

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