Simbrix: Pixel Art Beads For Kids & Creative Crafters
Simbrix: Pixel Art Beads For Kids & Creative Crafters

Inspired by the need for freer and more interactive approach to getting kids to create, Simbrix has taken the fuse bead concept and refined it into a cute and tactile picture-making system that will transform bead art. Simbrix connect bit by bit without need for a pegboard or an iron. This makes for frustration-free and intuitive play.

No instruction is necessary. As you play you will find yourself thinking and adapting in order to create the images you want. Simbrix develops logic, dexterity and creativity, with a design that has gone over 400 stages of development to give the best playing experience.  

Simbrix comes in a full spectrum of nineteen different colours, including dark and fair skintones. Among the range of exclusive pre-launch rewards, you will have access to glow-in-the-dark Simbrix and other limited edition colours.

The elegance and versatility of Simbrix lends itself to all kinds of styles and abilities. Some 500 people have tried them and the feedback, from geeks, gamers, artists and people of all ages, has been fantastic. 

While preparing to launch we have been having a lot of fun experimenting with these peculiar pixel pieces. Our goal is to bring Simbrix to the public and build a community to share creations and explore new posibilities in what can be pictured with Simbrix. We will be launching soon and are looking for backers (and feedbackers) to experience  with us the wonderful world of Simbrix! 

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