JP SilverBamboo towel FREE samples available
JP SilverBamboo towel FREE samples available

This project has already launched.

We are offering FREE SilverBamboo towels. Visit to get yours.

Your towel has the same microbes as a toilet seat… Let's change that.

We are introducing the world's first self-cleaning towel recommended by dermatologists; a towel which is made of pure silver and bamboo, 2 naturally occurring anti-bacteria materials. Our high precision engineering weaves silver with bamboo to give that sleek looking incredibly soft towel. Even after 300 washes, the towel will consistently deliver the anti-microbial properties.

Experts advice washing face towel after every use. Seriously.

An average adult on the other hand washes towel every 1-2 weeks. With moisture, humidity and dead skin cells, towels are ripe breading grounds for microbes. The bacteria like E.coli and Coliform,which are commonly found in feces, are regularly found on normal towels. Additionally, acne causing microbes like dust mites and Propioibacteria are extremely common on towels. And you wonder why you have skin problems.

These microbes are so resilient that simply washing the towel won't eliminate them. You will need 80 degree Centigrade hot water and disinfectant to kill these disgusting creatures.

Our SilverBamboo towel fights and kills 99.99% microbes naturally.

JP SilverBamboo technology

Our towels are at the bleeding edge of technology and are designed to destroy microbes while maintaining an elegant look. The two constituents which put our towels light years ahead of competition are:

  • Silver mesh: The use of Silver in medicine is as long as the medicine itself due to its antimicrobial properties. We weave pure silver fiber directly into the fabric. Unlike others who spray final fabric with Silver, our woven technology ensures that our towels perform exceptionally even after 300 washes.
  • Bamboo fiber:The cross-section of bamboo fiber contains various micro-gaps and micro-holes, giving it superior moisture absorption and ventilation capabilities. Natural bamboo fiber is extremely soft. In fact,we challenge you to find a softer towel made of natural fiber.  

For the nerds who want to know the Science behind SilverBamboo

Positively charged Silver ions attack negatively charged bacteria and sucks life out of it. Bamboo kun stops bacteria’s ability to latch on to protein for food, thereby killing it in the process. Both Silver and bamboo are so closely intertwined in SilverBamboo towel that they leave no choice to bacteria but to surrender and die.

What do experts say about the technology?

Silver’s antimicrobial properties have been known and used since 400 BC. SilverBamboo towels are made in accordance with highest antimicrobial standards ASTM E2149 and FZ/T 73023-2006. It is validated by Japan Textile Inspection Association that even after fifty times of washing, bamboo fiber fabric still possesses excellent function of anti -bacteria.

Size that fits

Most of our friends prefer larger towels and they made sure that we produce towels bigger than regular towels.

Care Instructions

Although SilverBamboo fabric keeps bacteria at bay, dirt and other debris do accumulate. We recommend washing every 15-21 days with your normal laundry. Do not wash with sharp objects which can pull and destroy the soft bamboo fabric. Wash it on a cool or warm cycle, and hang to dry. Do not use chlorine bleach.

100% Biodegradable = Healthy planet

SilverBamboo will increase the time you go in between launderings, saving water and energy. Moreover bamboo fabric is 100% biodegradable and after the useful age, it can be decomposed without hurting the environment. Bamboo fabric comes from nature and completely returns to the nature in the end.

Visit and ger a SilverBamboo towel for FREE.

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