SilCor Planner - for Sales Professionals
SilCor Planner - for Sales Professionals

This project has already launched.

Being in sales most of my adult life, I have always loved planners.  The only problem, I couldn't find one that met my needs.  I would always have an extra notebook to keep track of my numbers, extra thoughts and goals.  I've purchased many planners but not one has everything I need.  Thus, I decided to create my own.  

The planner I created, I've began using since last year to see if it worked for myself and a co-worker.   We have LOVED using it and we carry it around with us everywhere.  It has exactly what we need  in our sales profession and it really has helped us see what we need to work on in case we fall short in some areas.

Breakdown of Planner - Each Month has a full month displayed on 2 pages when you open it.  Then it has a Monthly Bill Tracker, Road Map to Success where you can break down your Goals, a Financial Sheet for Expenses, and a Monthly/Weekly Tracker to track your sales numbers.  In sales it also includes exposures and there is a chart on a weekly basis to shade in each heart for each exposure you have done for that week. (I have hearts, because in sales, you have to love what you do.) Each heart is a reminder of why you're in the position you're in. You started with a Why right? After each month, there are a few notes sheets, a mileage log and an additional financial tracker sheet for business expenses.  The outside of the cover will be a hard cover and will be binded with wire o, which makes it easier to open and keep together when using.

It doesn't matter what sales position you're in, this planner keeps track of everything you need to be successful.

Much Success!

Silvia C. Corella

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