Sicker Than Your Average Wedding Fair
Sicker Than Your Average Wedding Fair

This project has already launched.

The Wedding Crowd began like most businesses, from a frustration. A frustration which grew the more I became involved in the wedding industry. After 2/3 years of being a wedding supplier, I had felt nothing but discouraged by the North West’s wedding scene. Everything was sparkly and glittery and so not me.

I wanted a platform to display my work on, and next to suppliers of a similar style and so I built The Wedding Crowd; a virtual directory to aid independent suppliers and brides alike. 

Now that The Wedding Crowd is live, I intend to follow it up with a physical wedding fair. This fair would be a personification of the website, displaying suppliers in an alternative manner for brides and grooms to shop and have an enjoyable day out at the same time. 

The Wedding Crowd has been marketed as an alternative and edgy platform for brides who don't conform to the norm. And so I plan for the wedding fair to be no different. Branding it as 'Sicker than yo average' I hope to deliver on this, by having it be the first of its kind wedding fair. 

Nobody likes wedding fairs. They are boring, tedious and long. I may of course be biased, having displayed at some truly abysmal ones. One thing I noticed was that grooms were often absent. And I could not blame them. I wouldn't want to go to a wedding fair, even if I was getting married! 

So what I have planned is a wedding fair- meets food festival type of situation. Imagine rows and rows of communal benches, food trucks, loud music and a really, really good vibe. I'm thinking huge balloon and floristry installations, glitter faces for kiddies, dogs welcome, the works. 

So that is what I ask for your help with. It wont be easy, I'd like to get started as soon as possible by creating a brand for the fair, posters, leaflets, paying for some social media ads etc etc and then going truly wild with it.

Thank you it's so incredibly appreciated.


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