Sicilia, the board game
Sicilia, the board game

You are about to participate in one of the most exciting races for the throne in history. In Sicilia, 2-5 players are all citizens of the island of Sicily, and the Baron has just announced that the system of government is about to change. Now any of you can become the next ruler. Assuming you have the skills necessary to earn the support of the most villages first.

Sicilia is a mid-weight game — a perfect gateway game to introduce new players to the scene, as well as the fast pace and strategy required to keep seasoned players happy.

You all start out in your home village with minimal support and very little transportation. You must work to increase your transportation speed, out guess your fellow players to earn more support of the people, avoid duels with other players, and work out your strategy to succeed. Will you quickly try to grab the smaller villages through education? Or prove your dedication to larger villages with food and wine? Will you earn the trust of a certain region or try to please everyone in all regions? Or will you spend your resources for the benefits of Potenza cards?

We plan to launch Sicilia on Kickstarter, but need to build up a good following before the relaunch. Please join the list and help us launch with gusto.

Sicilia is a large game with many pieces — all designed with quality construction. It offers a classic, tactile experience with plenty of repeat play.

The following video is an example game play with three players. It includes a detailed walkthrough of the rules. Again, you are seeing a prototype of the game. The final game board will be about 20% larger and the box dimensions will be the same size as Puerto Rico. Roughly 8x11x2.


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