Shotgun Rules
Shotgun Rules

The Official Shotgun Rules mobile app brings order to the chaotic pre-driving ritual that determines which passenger is entitled to the front passenger seat, or 'Shotgun' seat as it is universally known.  

An iPhone app of the Shotgun Rules has been available since 2013, but we have not yet generated enough profit from this to develop an Android version.  Our goal for this project is to raise $5000 to fund this app.Heralded as the "Hammurabi of Shotgun Rules" by the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Thomas Reuter first wrote in 1996.  Since then this website has been featured in the Wall St. Journal, the Toronto Daily Star, and on countless radio talk shows and websites throughout the world. originally made money selling a printed booklet version of the rules, but with the rise of smartphones these booklet sales dried up.  We launched an iPhone app in 2013 and intended to use the profits to launch an Android app shortly thereafter, but the millions of downloads we hoped for have been slow to materialize.  The goal of this project is to raise $5000 to Kickstart the development of an Android app.  

We have lots of cool rewards for our backers, ranging from free Android downloads to stuffed Shotty the Shotgun mascots to old fashioned booklets and T-shirts!  

If we raise more than $5000 we will add stretch goals to add lots of cool features to both versions of the app to make it more interactive and awesome, including trivia games and classic driving games like punch bug and road sign Bingo.  We might even add a Windows app if things get really crazy.  


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