Shortcut QNC: The First Quantum Neuroscience Center in North America
Shortcut QNC: The First Quantum Neuroscience Center in North America

There are almost as many illnesses and health conditions as you can possibly think of. They seem to be endless and many of them are considered to be incurable. Conventional medicine does its part to help us face these health challenges, but it is mostly designed to help us alleviate the symptoms and cope with whatever ailment affects us, namely by taking medicines and engaging in invasive treatments that often mean complex surgeries. As important as this approach is, even with its limitations, we shouldn’t settle for this. After all, the healthcare model of our societies is greatly imperfect, not very efficient, and designed to help us live with or despite the health problems that affect us. That’s where Quantum Healing comes in: to bring the extra healing efficiency that conventional medicine fails to offer. There’s a change of paradigm, though: with Quantum Healing, the key to any treatment is within you. Really!

This may sound strange or absurd to you, but if you think about it, you’ll quickly conclude that it is true: if you’re ill, that’s because you acknowledge that you’re ill and act and react accordingly; if you’re healthy, that’s because you’re committed to being and feeling healthy, and to keep yourself in good health. This is why you’re ironically right whether you believe that a certain illness is curable or incurable – you determine that through your own beliefs, which means that you can be perfectly cured or hopelessly remain ill depending on how you wire your brain to think about it. That’s why Quantum Healing is so efficient by going to the core of any health problems – helping you to turn your brain into a natural healing mechanism that permanently keeps you strong and healthy through an empowering way of preventing and healing diseases that requires no medication or surgery.

It is no secret that the so-called Placebo effect is surprisingly strong. You could think that this is because people are not really ill and that they just suddenly feel good after a certain type of therapy because they were not really unhealthy in the first place. However, that’s not quite the answer to this mystery.

Science recognizes that at least a third of all cures – including those that result from therapies involving medication, surgery and other allopathic procedures – are not obtained by the use of these methods and therapies, but rather by the action of the Placebo effect. You could call it the power of suggestion, but its real meaning is a whole lot deeper and more powerful: it’s the self-healing power of our brains and bodies… and Shortcut QNC is aimed at helping to unleash this power to create a better healthcare system.

This is the project to turn the practice of Quantum Healing into an established and easily accessible reality. As we seek to create the First Quantum Neuroscience Center in America, what we really are committed to offering you is a place where neuroscience research, advanced quantum healing technology and ancient quantum healing practices come together. The goal is to dramatically improve your life, your perception of illness and health, and your ability to turn negatively disruptive information (the idea that you are ill or that you suffer from an incurable condition) into positively constructive information (the idea that you are healthy and that you can heal yourself using your own brain and body functions).

That’s what Shortcut QNC wants to offer. You see, you know that you have limited time and the last thing you want is to waste it on illnesses and feeling unhealthy. The same can be said about those you love. Every second with those who are more dear to you is truly precious, so wouldn’t you take the chance of making the most of each second with those who are so special to you – without any ailment affecting such an important time that you spend together? Ultimately, fulfilling the potential for health, happiness and accomplishments in your life, and in the life of those who are dear to you, is what Quantum Healing allows you achieve – and that is what Shortcut QNC is being created to help you secure. Through unconventional and cutting-edge research and healing sessions, Shortcut QNC wants to be the shortcut that you take to make your life so much better.


This is our mission. To create a unique research and healing center that unleashes the healing power that we hold within our brains and bodies. We already have an impressive number of associated doctors and healing practitioners from around the world who are committed to participating in this life-changing project.

Our goal is to dramatically advance the research and development of neurological consciousness states for a global and autonomous transformation of each person. We have already developed the technology that we will use to help activate the healing power of our brain. With the help of several worldwide quantum holistic healers, we already have a solid prototype that we must now test, refine and perfect so that we can soon step into the stage at which we will have a unique device that will allow every person to be her own healer.

Ultimately, we want to somehow look at ourselves in a mirror, but from a different, deeper perspective. It’s like the ice skater metaphor. He does things that are hard to describe in terms of nerve impulses. He does it naturally, and his performance is nothing short of amazing… but he does not do it consciously… so now imagine what could be done if only he could understand the process. That’s the kind of research that we undertake at Shortcut QNC. We need to deepen our research to develop the best version of this technology that will allow people to awaken their consciousness to understand the process under which we fall sick and also the process under which we become cured and remain healthy. Indeed, more than just understanding it, which is just the first step, we want people to rely on our help to activate this process so that they can enjoy the incredible life-changing benefits that Quantum Healing can bring them. That’s exactly what we’re offering you here.

So, as we get to this part, you already understand how ground-breaking Shortcut QNC is. Forget about the chemical-filled and cash-draining healthcare system that revolves around disguising or coping with symptoms through over-medication. Forget about those alternative healing methods that just want to convince you that an illness is just another way of being alive, so you have to accept it in order to make it become something else – while letting it affect you just as much as when you thought about it differently. That’s not the kind of help that you need. What you need is to realize that no one can better describe your headache than you, which means that no one can heal it better, faster and more effectively than you.

The human brain is an exceptional and yet misunderstood tool that provides all that we need if we want to reach the best version of what we can be. That seems obvious enough. What is surprising is that research has indicated that healing occurs when our brain is in Delta mode, which is the state of consciousness that we experience when we are in a deep sleep. What is remarkable is that quantum healers have reached this state – as verified by EEG exams during healing sessions – and have healed others, who have received this treatment, with both being intensely concentrated but awake. Both healer and healed persons exhibited the same Delta-wave pattern despite having no sensory contact with each other. Now imagine the power that this can have if we could create a technology that allowed us to consciously reach that level of consciousness and proceed to self-treatment without the help of a practitioner.

This is what we want to do at Shortcut QNC. We are seeking to raise $150,000 to hire the engineers, perfect the prototype, test it and develop its final version, get legal assistance to set up this healing facility and create the very space from where this Quantum Neuroscience research, development, and treatment work will be carried.


This is it. If you’d like to have early and special access to the self-healing secrets that you can activate with your brain, and to the quantum healing experiences that you can enjoy with doctors who are really committed to helping you trigger the healthy life you want to enjoy, we invite you to:


  • Choose one of the great rewards that we have on offer so that you can play a decisive role in helping to create the First Quantum Neuroscience Center in America


  • Choose one of the great rewards that we have on offer to get early access to Shortcut QNC’s Quantum Healing Experiences


Looking for some other way to pitch in? Please post the campaign link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other social media platforms you use. We want people far and wide to know what we are doing.

All contributions, will make a difference in this campaign. Your support and your good intentions touch our hearts. We appreciate everything.

We hope to be soon welcoming you as an esteemed member of our Shortcut QNC community of vibrantly healthy people!

Thank you for your time.




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