Short Bus Simple
Short Bus Simple

This project has already launched.


We are a 20-something Australian couple, who had a ‘F@#! it’ moment, after a pretty horrendous 2016.


We were excitedly packing our final few belongings for our flight to Toronto in June 2016. We had a rough plan for a two month road trip across Canada before settling into Vancouver for the following two years. Brent had left his job as an accountant and Sasha was close to graduating as a communications major.


We never boarded that plane, Brent was diagnosed with stage two testicular cancer and we spent the next six months battling through chemotherapy treatment in Melbourne. As 2016 grew to a close, we faced further challenges and stress in other areas of our lives. After the all clear was given, we finally got ourselves to North America, landing in Vancouver in December. 


Brent’s cancer and the stress of treatment impacted us deeply, it affected every aspect of our lives and made us think long and hard about where our priorities lay. Our original plan of two months kept extending as we began listing places we wanted to see, and before long we had drafted a road trip which looped around North America, coast to coast. 


A car wasn’t going to cut it, so our search for a van began… until a good friend started sending us photos of short bus conversions (Thanks Austin)! Safe to say a van wasn’t going to work out for us either. We started the search for buses of all sizes. We happened upon our wonderful now-home on Craigslist in early 2017; a 1998 Ford short bus. We spent the next several months in Vancouver converting it into our tiny home on wheels, and we wanted to share our love of full time travel, tiny living, and every nitty gritty bit in between, with you. 


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