Shithead the ultimate card game
Shithead the ultimate card game

SHITHEAD is a simple yet devilishly exciting card game that is played by 1000’s of people around the globe.
The aim of the game is to get rid of all your cards as quickly as possible and the last person with cards remaining loses the game is crowned the SHITHEAD and as a punishment then has to perform a task or forfeit you think fitting, go get more beers, kiss the dog, drink a shot and so on.

We have lovingly crafted some customised cards which make this awesomegame even more awesome and easy to play!
Our new SHITHEAD deck is a slickly designed regulation poker deck with the addition of 24 “special” cards which are specific to the SHITHEAD game and cover all the most popular versions – These can be remove to suit your particular favourite variation or take them all out and you can still play any other standard card game under the sun!

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