Shesique magazine
Shesique magazine

Shesique is an online magazine for women from ages 18-45. Articles range from the consciously holistic such as yoga, crystal healing to the trendy new fashion, beauty, exercises,entertainment news and more. . This magazine was bore from the fitness model/author Leigh Hickombottom who empowers through the movement of self-love.

Shesique recognizes and honors the very beautiful array of feminine beauty that exists and empowers women to embrace their individual divinity through Self-Love and acceptance. We at Shesique Animate and illuminate each and every woman every day, in every way. Shesique women help to make the world we live in today a better place by their sheer state of being.

Shesique the magazine is affluence with style and grace. Women will better themselves Body, mind and Soul by the end of each issue. We at Shesique will embark on bridging the beautiful cultures of all women through an awakened state of being, all into one place with one common ground… Love. 

The major challenge I see is getting major advertisers to advertise in a brand new online magazine that has no track record to date.

I will tackle this by showing them that this is magazine with non like it to date, that incorporates fashion, beauty, fitness, holistic and alternative approaches to well being in a balanced non extremity approach. I will show them the track record of the brand behind the magazine, Leigh Hickombottom and Shesique's importance of helping women of all ethnicity and ages re-build their foundation on the solid foundation of self love. The women will get stay up to date in fashion trends exercises and still walk away empowered.

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