She's my country too
She's my country too

This project has already launched.

About this project

Our project is an artistic music video where the message, found in the lyrics of the song, is the star of the show. This message is: 

"She's My Country Too! I've also pledged allegiance. In every strife, I've paid a price for Her. In every war, laid down my life for Her; and I won't let you take Her away." 

This message is totally inclusive; for, if "She's My Country Too!"  It's logical that She's Your Country Too!

"She's my Country Too!" is inclusive of all Americans regardless of race or any other excluding categorization. All Americans share the responsibility to ensure that our values and ideals, founded in our laws, and history of successful struggle are not trampled upon. 

In addition, this theme expands to include African-American, Latino-American, Native American, immigrant citizens, sons and daughters of immigrants, and immigrant non-citizens who, overtime, made the ultimate sacrifice for America. In fact, Crispus Attucks, a black man, was the first American casualty in the Revolutionary War. We cannot allow these sacrifices to be tarnished by the scar of racism.

We demand that all Americans and immigrants in our country acknowledge these sacrifices.  our goal is to help members of marginalized groups derive strength and power from the sacrifices of their ancestors for this country. The rights and liberties won by their sacrifices must not be trampled.

The project is not just a "music video" to advertise a musical artist. The song is a rallying cry.  It is is designed as the carrier of the emotional message that the lyrics convey. The visual effects are to work with the audio to carry the message embedded in the words--the most important element.

The message in the words, music and visual effects will empower all americans Realize The value and significance of the sacrifices their forebears contributed to the development of our Country. The majority groups will be compelled to  acknowledged these contributions and implored to energize them, to coalesce as an inclusive movement against marginalization; and to participate, actively, in guarding this Country's advances through struggle, such as Civil Rights, and LGBT Rights; and to continue the struggle for affordable housing and healthcare for all, equal pay for equal work and the mobilization of our collective energy for collective benefit.

Mine is just one voice, one vision of the larger work required of all of us to tear down the walls that would separate us. For our Country to reach its highest potential, it's critical that we, as a society, acknowledge and come to terms with the historical wounds that hamper our collective flight. This acknowledgement will begin the healing process--the balm--freeing our collective energy to shake the weights off our floundering wings, allowing Our Country to to flourish.

Risks and challenges


While we would love to offer free shipping, there really is no such thing. Shipping is really expensive and we have tried to come up with pricing that accurately reflects our cost to get the items into your hands without creating a logistical nightmare on our side.


So please understand if we do not have tracking with your package we did so knowingly. Rest assured, that we will get you your items and any risk associated with not being trackable is on us.

Delivery time:

While we would love to get everyone their at the same time, it is just not possible. There is a high likelihood that some areas of the USA will get their items before others. Our commitment is to get the items ready and printed as fast as possible (we've already done a ton of the prep work). At the factory we will break out the shipments to each fulfillment company with instructions to them that they should begin shipping as soon as possible upon receipt.

Other: Once the items get into their outlets there is little control we have at that point. We have always done our best to bend over backwards for our customers and if for some reason there are any issues with damages, missing components or missing shipments we will make it right. It just might require some patience.

Why back this campaign?

The idea of this campaign is consolidate the support of those who feel as we do that the perception that patriots of this country are those who do not challenge authority or the current policies and initiatives. Our love for this country pushes us to work to make it the best it can be. This is a first step in Building a force for good, to engage citizens of every color and persuasion, in the development of something greater then ourselves.

While we have had some great success recently, we are still a relatively small company and these funds are needed to make something memorable and compelling so we do need your help to bring out the greatness we see in this country. 

Risks and challenges

As a Film Maker that has brought 12 or more Documentary films, to market thus far, we feel confident in our ability to get this done. The Video for this expansion is complete. The filming, art and graphics are well underway. We confident that we will hit our release goals with no problems, shipping delays or Acts of God notwithstanding.

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