Sherlybox - Private, shareable cloud on your desk
Sherlybox - Private, shareable cloud on your desk

Sherlybox - a private and shareable cloud on your desk - soon on Kickstarter

by Inc.


The easiest way to share files. It works like a cloud, but data stays on your own storage. Make a folder and invite friends to share it


Nowadays, when it comes to file sharing, people need more storage and more privacy. The cloud is not enough. Can we do it better? Yes, we can. And that's why we made Sherlybox – your own private cloud storage.


Sherlybox creates a private, invite-only network where you can share movies, music, documents – anything you want – without any storage or size limitations. Now you can keep all your files private and shareable at the same time! It’s like a private cloud under your control. Instead of sending your files to public cloud services, you can share any-size files or folders only with people that you invited personally. Fast, secure and without any cloud storage bill.


Only you decide where your data is and with whom you share it. Sherlybox is the natural stage of development of application based on the secure connectivity technology our team created in 2009. 

It’s like a supercharged Dropbox, OneDrive, Box or Google Drive running privately from your own hard drive and securely behind your firewall. Any folder you’ve got can be shared with the people you invite; they can contribute their own files to groups as well.


Curious about the application? Let us explain it to you in just 73 seconds. Just take a look: OK, now let’s get back to Sherlybox.

Just Press and Go

In many ways, Sherlybox is like regular NAS: it has internal storage, network, etc. But similarities end there: everything else about it is different, better. For example, you don’t need a lot of time and thick user guide to start your adventure with Sherlybox.

All you need to do is to click 3 times on the logo button placed in front of the device to set up wireless connection with your computer and the device will automatically register to your account. Now you can take control over the clouds. How?


Simplicity and privacy

Do you remember those Hawaii trip photos and videos you love showing to your friends? Or your band demo recorded in big .wav files? Forget about carrying it everywhere on USB stick or phone memory. Turn on your Sherlybox and simply invite your friends to your group without uploading any files to public servers. Invited people will be able to view files and post comments in group Timeline (chat).

Working with other files is also simple. You can download any file to your shared folder and start working with it. Changes will be synced on all devices in the group. As the group owner, only you can erase files and manage invitations. What is more – after syncing, you can turn off your computer because data that you want to share is always available for you and people with access, no matter what kind of device they use: PC, Mac, Linux machine, a tablet, a smartphone, etc.


Experience the way you work with public clouds... but on your terms.

Sherlybox is like a storage shadow that got your back whenever new files are added to your computer. It works in the background no matter if you work with your home network or on the Internet. You have always-on access to all your files, working on them as you always do. It’s like a huge, invisible USB drive that’s always ready, always connected.



You can connect Sherlybox to as many external USB devices as you want, to keep all your data safe and always available. Moreover, you can use your existing public cloud folders and map them through the application interface to get better control over your shared files. How?

It’s easy. All your Dropbox, Google Drive and other public cloud accounts can be managed directly from Now you can manage your files using easy and intuitive application interface. All files are tidy and always close at hand. Sherlybox will not ask for your public cloud account access information.

What else can you do with your app working with Sherlybox? For example, you can add timelines for conversation about every single shared file. You can manage projects with your business colleagues or chat with friends about your newest photo session. Forget about another dozen of email attachments with latest remarks to documents you are working on.

Thanks to our unique protocol optimized for big files, you can move really large files and amounts of data and see how fast your network actually is.

You can be The Master Of The Clouds

Sherlybox is a great solution for everyone handling with considerable amounts of data. You want to share videos recorded in HD or 4K with friends and family? No problem! You don’t need to worry about data size and privacy – nothing will get outside your network.


Working with large files such as RAW photos? Get the always-on backup and source for your pictures. No need to carry any external drives or dozens of memory sticks.

Any doubts about confidential data? Thanks to Sherlybox, all transmissions are always direct and encrypted. No more stuffing your inbox with huge attachments – now you can share your data and discuss it within the group using timeline.

You can also enjoy shared movies on a big-screen TV and mobile devices thanks to HDMI and audio outputs. Sherlybox supports streaming services like PLEX.TV and XBMC media server. It helps you keep files tidy and easy to find through a built-in search feature.


Sherlybox’s security and reliability are guaranteed by’s special protocol. It’s a combination of secure VPN connectivity with peer-to-peer topology that we call GatelessVPN. It means the technology doesn’t relay all traffic to potentially vulnerable central servers, but communicates directly between nodes.

This new approach brings a big promise of solving security, performance and scalability issues, inherent in many cloud systems. Think of as creating a VPN connection to any folder or file you want to access or share.

And how about the speed? Current protocols used to transmit data across the network, such as CIFS/SAMBA, aren’t that “current”. File moving protocols haven’t changed fundamentally in almost 20 years and their performance remains very limited.

Let’s do a simple test: get two computers connected back to back or over a Gigabit Ethernet network and try to transmit data with such speed – do you get Gb/s transfer? Nope, barely less than half of that: ~50% of the network speed is working. Under the same scenario, Sherlybox can utilize up to 94% of the network bandwidth: even 940Mb/s in real data traffic. puts your storage and your network to work without limitations leveraging protocols up to 20x faster than the CIFS/SAMBA protocols. And we are not done yet.

What’s inside Sherlybox?

After two-year long process of development, we are proud to present to you a fully-functional prototype, equipped with a brand new Raspberry PI C compute module. You can sync your data with Sherlybox from every device via fast built-in wired or wireless network. It also supports popular HDMI and USB 2.0 outputs, so you can plug-in wide-screen TV just to watch your shared movies straight from the device via XBMC supported by RaspberryPI platform.


 Technical specifications

•Width: 116 mm (4.6 in)

•Depth: 116 mm (4.6 in)

•Height: 150 mm (5.9 in)

•Weight: up to 1kg (2.2 lbs)

• app is available for Windows, Mac, or Linux based systems

•Platform: Raspberry Pi module C (BCM2835 CPU, 512MB of RAM)

•4GB eMMC flash device memory. More:

•2.5" HD support or built-in 1TB HD

•Wi-Fi 11bgn

•1x Ethernet RJ45

•1x HDMI

•1x analog audio

•1x USB 2.0 for external storage expansion via independent powered USB hub

•Power consumption: up to 3A (without additional USB devices connected). Power adapter included.


We have designed Sherlybox with the future in mind. Sherlybox’s futuristic approach can be seen at the first sight and, in our opinion, it is by far the best-looking cloud storage device in the industry. Check it out for yourself. It works well, so it must look well too. We have combined simplicity with convenience. Device is only 5.9 inches high and 4.6 inches wide, so you can put it on your desk without losing your workspace.



Production Plan

Sherlybox will be manufactured in Poland. We are focused on providing the highest-quality product and we want to have an eye on the manufacturing process. We’re ready for mass production and all we need is your support to ramp up the assembly process to get Sherlybox to you as early as possible. We’ve been preparing for this stage for over 2 years and now we look forward to kickstarting the project with your support.[INFOGRAPHICS]

What do I get?


•Ethernet cable

•Power adapter


Heritage Inc. was founded in 2009 in Krakow, Poland by two visionaries: Marek Ciesla and Blazej Marciniak – both experienced in development of IT solutions. They are friends for many years and share passion for amazing products.


Blazej Marciniak

After six months of their hard work, they realized that what they were doing was called “a startup” and soon after was born. Firstly, they came with an application: private cloud solution designed for security-conscious businesses and individuals looking to take back control of their sensitive data.

Now, in 2014, the team is continuously developing application together with their new child – Sherlybox. We would like to take advantage of the application by extending it into physical form and giving it to everybody.


Marek Ciesla

We are open to new opportunities and we would like to be in touch with the most experienced and creative people from the new technology sector worldwide. That’s why last year we opened our new office in Palo Alto, California. Working close to the most influential inventors from the Silicon Valley unveils big potential and it should bring new paths of development in the nearest future.

You might have heard about us in the past: we have launched into Public Beta at TechCrunch Disrupt conference in Berlin in October 2013. We were also among finalists of the Tech Match InSight2030 program, organized by the Polish Ministry of Economy in cooperation with US Partners.


By being one of the first to get Sherlybox, you can really help us make this project real. Every person backing us makes the difference, so we would like to give you something as an award for your support. First of all, every backer with at least $29 pledge will receive a lifetime “Kickstarter edition” license for using the application. But we have more stuff for you. Get hipster t-shirts, custom Sherlyboxes and even more! All awards were listed on the right side of this page.


Do you like this extremely uniting outfit?

We believe…

…in our local storage cloud vision and we bet everything on it. That’s our 100% day job. We do not give up and we will do everything not to give up the trust that you’ve granted us by backing up our project. We would like to thank all our backers and potential backers for your time spent on reading about the Sherlybox idea. If you like it and want to take control over clouds with us, please share it with your friends and family and help us reach our goal. It’s up to you guys to bring this project to life and make sharing files better – without your help, we will be stuck with public clouds. Forever.

Thanks For Your Support!

To sum up:

•Your Private Cloud – Sherlybox creates a private, invite-only network where you can share stuff with each other without any storage or size limitations.

•Just Press and Go – Sherlybox is extremely easy to use. Simply press the Sherlybox logo to set it up and you're done.

•All your data available to share. Always – even if you turn off your computer, data that you want to share will be available for people with access thanks to Sherlybox.

•More Storage Capability – if you need more storage space, Sherlybox can be expanded with up to 127 USB HDD drives if you want.

•Secured Data Sharing – only people you personally invite will see data in your shared folder (a group). In public cloud, well, you never know.

•Back us now and do not pay again for sharing your data – get Sherlybox and forget about charges from cloud service providers. Sherlybox and a app is single cost, not a monthly service.

•Awesome design – Sherlybox’s futuristic approach can be seen at first sight. It is by far the best-looking cloud storage device in the industry.

•RaspberryPI open world - Sherlybox is based on RaspberryPI new module C and you can install any apps you want on top of it on your own.


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