Shaved Ice
Shaved Ice

The idea comes from....


I am Tony from Korea. I love Ice cream, and I love whatever it is cold. As far as I remember, the place I grew up had a nice and long beach. More than 100,000 people are visiting there every year, and the beach is always packed. However, water fountain is not common in Korea, so I always wish there was at least one ice cream stall near the beach. Always...

What I am going to do is...

Again, I love Ice cream and shaved Ice.

While I am in Hawaii, I will get good ideas and open shaved Ice business in Korea.

We have four seasons, and summer is a big part of it. During summer, in the sizzling hot weather, I want to present everyone with cool and aloha spirited shaved ice.

We all know everyone loves Ice cream in summer.


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