BloQaid - the Ultimate Defense Against Hand Calluses
BloQaid - the Ultimate Defense Against Hand Calluses

Do you CrossFit, lift weights, or participate in any sport that involves gripping with your hands such as tennis, golf, gymnastics or rowing?

If so, you've probably developed unsightly and grotesque hand calluses at one point and probably still have them as you're reading this.

Many times, if not properly maintained and allowed to get out of control, the hand calluses may rip open when doing said activity.

This painful mishap can put you on the sidelines for days and weeks, thus preventing you from doing what you love to do most.

BloQaid is the solution to help prevent overdeveloped calluses and maintain smooth and healthy hands, so you don't rip!

Now, you can be one of the first to get wind of when BloQaid officially launches its Kickstarter campaign. Join the list TODAY and please help spread the word!


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