sFTP Client
sFTP Client

This project has already launched.

We currently have our app live at the Google Chrome Webstore with over 90,000 active users, as long as you have a Google Chrome browser or device you can download and install our app.

Unfortunately as announced on the Google Chrome Webstore on Friday 19th August 2016, Google are no longer supporting the use of Mac, Windows or Linux operating systems to use Chrome Apps from their Webstore. We want to ensure our non "Chrome OS" users don't suffer from not being able to access our app, therefore we want to build a HTML5 application based on what we currently have but better and more native, we plan to do the following new changes:

  • DSA support for SFTP / SSH connections
  • Faster transfers (by using a more native code to handle encryptions) 
  • Google integration to sync accounts across devices
  • Google Drive support.
  • Dropbox support.
  • Double side connections (FTP/SFTP, Local, Google Drive or Dropbox on either side to easily transfer files and folders from either location). 
  • TLS support for implicit / explicit connections
  • Searching directories for files

As we will have a more native HTML5 application we also want to ensure the app is made more responsively so we can also package this into an iOS / Android app.

In order for us to achieve all of this we require more developers, ssl for code signing, and an office to work from.

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