Sewing Fashionistas - Online Sewing Courses for Girls (ages 6 to 18)
Sewing Fashionistas - Online Sewing Courses for Girls (ages 6 to 18)

Does our daughter want to learn how to sew? Are you not sure how to help her or where to start? Is there a lack of sewing classes in your local area?

Well, now she can learn from the comfort of your own home, and at her pace!

"Sewing Fashionistas" courses are online sewing classes specifically created for girls age 6 to 18 and taught by designer Katrina Marie.

There areover 10 beginning courses to choose from for girls, tweens and teens.


Glamour Girl (ages 6 & up)

Sweet and Sassy (ages 6 & up)

French Cafe (ages 8 & up)

Parisian Stroll (ages 8 & up)

Darling Diva (ages 10 & up)

Boho Gypsy (ages 10 & up)

European Dream (ages 13 & up)

Urban Chic (ages 13 & up)

Fashion Avenue (ages 13 & up)

Paris Romance (ages 13 & up)

These courses have all been filmed over the past two years. We just need to hire a video editor to get them finished and then do some paid facebook and pinterest ads to start really speading the word about them!

We would love to release all these courses over the next 12 months with a new class coming out each week. So, that is a total of 50 sewing projects that you and your daughter could enjoy making together.

That is where your help comes in!

If we get your support for this project it can be released sooner and then everyone will be happier sewing!

The cost for each course which includes detailed step-by-step video instruction for 5 "Sewing Fashionistas" projects starts at $99.

On the online classes website theses courses will be setup to be taken as a 6 week or 12 week course. But, we also plan to have the complete 1-year package as well for those with multiple daughters in different ages levels.

More details and a release schedule is to come. Make sure to sign up so you can be the first to know about our fabulous sewing courses!


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