Sever - The most easy-to-use IoT device in the world
Sever - The most easy-to-use IoT device in the world

Sever is a wireless USB port for PC, Mac, and Linux. It is a game-changing IoT device that requires no programming and works instantly with YOUR devices.

It's wonderful that there are so many wireless-capable “Something-duino” boards to choose from these days, but here at Hand Forge Labs we still think it's a shame when you are forced to migrate your project to a totally new platform just because you want to connect your project to the internet. That’s why we created Sever.

Sever allows you to connect any USB device to your computer...without a USB cable.

Your device won’t even realize that it isn’t physically connected to your computer - and your computer won’t know it either. The process is transparent. 

Your device will work just as if it were physically plugged into your computer.

The USB “signals” from your device are “converted” to WiFi and then back to USB “signals” for your computer. 

The best part is that you don’t need to write a single line of code to make it work. No “graphical” programming apps either - it's easy.Just imagine...Arduinos, motor controllers, lights, MIDI controllers, 3D printers, webcams...all wireless…the possibilities are almost endless.

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