Setlr - The Community Translation App
Setlr - The Community Translation App


Setlr empowers the world's bilingual community.

Did you know that over half the world's population is bilingual? That's over 4 billion people - amazing right!

Setlr makes it super easy for users to send text through for human translation. It's way better than Google Translate and way faster/cheaper than using an agency.

  • Tens, hundreds or even thousands of human translators work on texts at the same time so it's super fast.
  • We use a clever peer-review and voting system to make sure only the best, most fluent and 'native sounding' translations get delivered.
  • Similar to the way that Twitter and Whatsapp translated their platforms for the world. 

Are you one of the world's 4 billion bilinguals?

The Setlr app allows you to get paid for translating short text 'strings' on your phone.

  • Help clients to overcome the language barrier.
  • Get paid!
  • Work in your spare time.
  • Use the app to improve your language skills.

We're launching soon on Kickstarter soon!

By pledging just $5 you could be among the first to get the app.

We've spent the last 18 months working on the technology (and proven it works!), now we need the funds to get the app into the iOS and Android stores and pay for the infrastructure we need to run a global product.


What people are saying about the app

"I can't wait for this app to get out! It could open up so many doors and new opportunities, to be able to put in use the luxury of being bilingual. It was about time something as revolutionary got out."

"Great way to earn some pocket money and stay fluent in all your languages!"

"I’m looking forward for the app to launch, it’s a brilliant idea!"

"Coolest new app in the gig-economy."

We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below :)

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