SERINO - New Studio Equipment - VFW - Project Runway
SERINO - New Studio Equipment - VFW - Project Runway

This project has already launched.

 Independent Fashion Designer - raising funds for new studio equipment - SERINO - Unique Fashion for the Unique Individual 

 The money raised will be invested in new studio equipment, sewing machines, cutting table and promotion. The target goal is $7,000 

 $5500.00 Towards new sewing machines & cutting table,  $1,000.00 materials ( studs, screen ink) & Web-media Promotion. I am asking for $7000.00 as Kickstarter will need to be paid a fee of $350.00 if I am able to hit my goal.

                                                                 The Break Down 

$1500 -   Straight stitch machine ( cuts threads automatically ) - will save  time and make work smoother.  

 $2000 -  Second-hand cover-stitch machine ( will need a tune up, but second hand will work just as well :) also perfect for finishing stretch fabrics.

$1000 - New industrial overlock machine - I have been using domestic over-lock and it's still kicking, but it could use a rest! 

$1000 - Big cutting table - I am currently cutting on the floor and have been for years, but I do what needs to be done! 

$400 - Social media marketing - to kickstart 1-month online media campaign to gain more exposure to showcase style. 

$ 250 - To be applied to new collection merchandise: trims, screen ink, zippers,paper, needles etc.

$350 - To Kickstarter for payment, allowing me this platform. 

   The struggle in the Canadian fashion market is real and even more so for the creative Independent labels, "whoever controls the media, controls the mind" - Jim Morrison. With that said, the help is needed to succeed and push further, I've gone this far on my own and there is no turning back now.  I am the team behind the SERINO brand and my first name is JAMESthank you for reading my story thus far. It has not been an easy road being an independent designer and also sponsored by myself. If I was to succeed and achieve the asked goal of$7000.00 it will be another step in the direction I'm striving for.

 - What would I do with funds if I surpass the asked goal ?

      Vancouver Fashion Week is September the 19th-25th 2016. In June 2016 while cleaning out my junk email I found a message from Robyn in regards to Vancouver Fashion Week (sent in May 2016) asking me to be part of the event in September. Even though I was extremely late on a reply email to such an honorable & appreciated request, I decided to register online for updates just to see the result, and this was the reply. 

  I took out Robyn's last name and my old email. As you can tell the offer is there, but I have to be honest in saying that the funds needed are not. However, the drive and ambition wheels have been turning and I have started the collection. I am currently in Montreal, so I would need to have a flight to and from Vancouver, also accommodations. At least another $1500.00 in fabric and materials to complete the line samples, not to mention the show fees. I know it's a long stretch, but our spot is on reserve. The Show Fees alone are $4200.00 to show 12-15 looks.

 " A lot of people are afraid to say what they want, that's why they don't get what they want " - Madonna. It has been 5 years that I did my first solo fashion show in Vancouver titled "Electric la-la-land" at event EVOLUTION (2011). I made a men's underwear line. A lot of the boys from the show plus people who helped coordinate the SERINO show (Jihon, Anna) are still in the city and what a 360 to come back after 5 years and take them with me to Vancouver Fashion Week. 

  -Will add Additional Rewards with tickets to the show, plus a backstage meet and greet with designer and models, should we achieve the above Studio Goal.

Have I tried Project Runway ?

Yes, this was the first year I felt I was fully ready and fully qualified to take on the competition. I shot the video in one take, I wanted to keep it raw and real. "Act professional, act professional" - Katy Perry. At that time only 4 months ago, I had yet to fully launch my website and was on my creative soul-searching break from social media and the industry but never a break from working on the brand; simply and merely adding my pure passion and solidity in the creation of designs. The best has yet to be seen. ( Video only-shown, for Kickstarter )



 After getting the email conversing back to confirm, the time period for the O1-Visa to be considered for auditions was not there. Jen however, did leave me with some kind words on my audition tape and clothes. My favorite line in her words was my "totally hot" - underwear line.Also that she is looking forward to seeing my audition tape next year (May-April 2017). She recommended I do a new collection in the mean time, adding that now that they know of me and are aware of my ambition I will be given advantage next year. 

-How it all ties together!

- I achieve the goal for the studio equipment upgrades which is definitely needed and run a successful Kickstarter for my private label.

- I am able not only to complete a new line, as per Jean's request but showcase it in a proper fashion week as my other shows were at events or more alternative fashion shows. But the label is obviously chic! To showcase now at this phase, at VFW would be incredible and very helpful.

Growth and Development - for the upcoming audition tape they need to see more. I can handle the pressure and my clothes can play big league. My clothes seriously look the best up close and in person, when I get to the audition, they will sell themselves. 

Everything leads back to (May-April 2017) to re-apply with the (O1-Visa). I need myself and my brand to be showcased properly at a level and pace I truly believe the clothes deserve. SERINOis not just fashion but ART within the garment. 

-Past Shows & Events








Risks and challenges

Risks & Challenges - is something I know all too well - I risk it all every time. I know the market is competitive and there are a lot of brands out there but like Coco Chanel - I know what I see and what I have to offer. The SERINO brand is really myself; designer James Serino who lives for fashion! Unique Fashion for the Unique Individual

The risks I face now are that my equipment is dated and could really use an upgrade for the future success. I am the Designer - Pattern maker - Sew master - Tailor - Photographer - Picture & Video Editor and Website Developer. Yes, the struggle can get real and the workload intense - I am a one-man show - but with the help of Kickstarter I hope to build a team that will help me further my position in the fashion world.

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