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Series Makers

This project has already launched.

What is Series Makers?


  • Like the name suggests already, Series Makers is about creating YOUR own TV-Series.
  • Discover nearly 100 researches
  • Produce further seasons of your favorite series
  • Direct unique movies of your most popular series
  • Create your own streaming-platform
  • With 7 settings and 48 themes, there are 336 combinations for you to individualize your series
  • 15 TV-Stations are waiting for your next hit
  • Construct your protagonists
  • Build your stories
  • Create your own user-character
  • Hire up to 6 employees with 7 different jobs
  • Choose out of 8 available facilities to build
  • Advertise your series how you like it
  • Travel through time, from the 80s up to the present and revolutionize the TV-World













We are planning for January 2017 this is an absolutely realistic release-date because in the case of content and UI we already at 90%

It is so great because our fans do not have to wait long for Series Makers. In less than 12 weeks you will be able to play the full version on steam.

The last production stage will be about balancing, pacing and polishing, but the fun is already huge!


We have planned with 5 stretch-goals


If we reach this amount we will raise our music portfolio and add 2 more soundtracks!


You want a smooth introduction? No problem, with this amount we will include a whole new introduction-sequence!





You want to create your own TV-Station with all features and mechanics? This can be realized with this amount. It will patched after the release in January!



More content? More fun! With this sum, we would integrate a research-room, where you can research new features and mechanics. The end-game content would be extended a lot. This room would also be patched after the release in January.


If we can really hit this amount, a release on Android and IOS will be possible. Play Series Makers wherever you want and whenever you want. We will improve the user-interface and add some mobile-optimized mechanics.


In this projects sticks beside our passion also all of our savings. So Kickstarter is not the only pillar we build on.

  • Every cent of the money we receive will go directly into the production 
  • Our coder has to implement the left content pieces and solve our bugs
  • The user-interface is done by our new graphic artist
  • We have to upgrade our unity license 



  • Different social-media channels Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Website
  • Every 2. saturday livestream with live-testing
  • At the end of every month, i will pick a random backer and talk with him 1 hour about what happened in this month
  • Every sunday you will get a new short gameplay video or screenshot


It all started at the beginning of 2016 when Simon had the idea to combine the awesome mechanics of an economic-simulation like Game Dev Tycoon with the setting of Mad TV and include a bunch of new features.

First, it was just a figment, but after several sleepless nights, Simon could not get the idea out of his head. So he looked for a really talented coder and luckily he has found Florian Struck.

 They together were the cornerstone for Series Makers production. Today our team counts five people and every single one burns for our project. Let us hope, that this story will have soon a happy end.


 Simon - Project Lead  

  • Simon is the head of our team. He elaborated the concept and is involved across the board. He discovered his passion for gaming pretty early, from his Gameboy 2001 over the first PlayStation up to the current PC, he went through.  
  • Favorite games: Civilization 5, Game Dev Tycoon, Warcraft III

Florian - Lead Programmer

  • Florian came up to our team with huge competencies. Beside his main area of responsibilities, he also gives a few good suggestions to the Series Makers concept. If we were a car, Florian would be our engine.  
  • Favorite games: Ori and the Blind Forest, Advance Wars: Dual Strike, Ni no Kuni

Eugen - Lead Graphics Designer

  • Eugen, savior of the universe, joined up our team in May 2016 and he was really our rescue. We had some big problems with designing the graphics, but Eugen came up and put the project back on track.
  • Favorite games: Max Payne, Metal gear solid, Gex

Jonas - Lead Art Designer

  • Jonas, kind of our nestling. He is very talented in arts. Not only creating our characters and several other graphics, he also integrates himself into the creative process behind the artworks. Besides this, he is also drawing comics and illustrations on Facebook.
  • Favorite games: Portal 1+2, Fire Emblem Awakening, the whole Pokémon series

Davina - Creative Assistance

  • Davina is our helping allrounder. She tries to help where she can. If it is in our social media, at our video content creation or even at bringing in new ideas. She has also a view for the aesthetics. Even though her study is not really related to video games, she is very enthusiastic. We are very happy to have her on board.  
  • Favorite games: Sims 3, Skyrim, Edna & Harvey: Harvey’s New Eyes

Achim Hoth - Graphic Artist

  • Achims area of responsibility is our user-interface. He is the creative artist behind the UI and also the executive. Achim is highly qualified and kind of a perfectionist, which suits well with our vision of the project Achim worked on several games before Series Makers, so he can build on his experience.  
  • Favorite games: Clonk, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and King’s Quest 
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