Self-Charging ELectric Tricycle
Self-Charging ELectric Tricycle

This project has already launched.

We are raising money for building a prototype of converted motor vehicle from gasoline usage to electric powered. The world is moving out from fossil fuel dependency, we have decided to take the measures toward achieving this global goal of clean/green energy society by starting converting public transportation vehicle(Tricycle). In Tanzania, current statistics shows that there 45000 of this type of vehicle in the streets.

The money that we are raising, will enable us to buy necessary equipments and a vehicle for a prototype. Afterward, we will present the working project to the world for official implementation of the idea to the public by building the factory which will be responsible for mass conversion.

Interesting enough, our vehicle will be self-charging which means there will be no need for charging power stations since all the electricity will be generated and stored in the battery bank as the automobile moves. This is the technology we are yet to see even in existing electric cars. After this campaign the history will be made.

Our careful research shows that the amount of USD$ 8000 will be enough for making this idea flourish. Your support will make the project a successful enough for eventually phase out fossil fuel vehicles not only in Tanzania but also worldwide.

We are looking forward to make the earth a green-planet again.

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