Self-Assemble Custom Record Player Furniture
Self-Assemble Custom Record Player Furniture

We've recently noticed that besides there being a big and growing demand for record player appliances and furniture many vinyl collectors stick to custom woodworking products. The web is full of forums with vinyl junkies sharing tips on how to build the perfect storage or stand.

The reason for this could be because the record collectors aren't finding specific turntable furniture items that fit their needs or price could be an issue. It's almost hard to believe this since we, Premier Records, being a blog have discovered around 30+ solutions. These record player stand and storage solutions don't even include cheaper items from Ikea, Wallmart, and other big brand wholesalers.

The fact is there are many vinyl furniture products on the market, but still, some customers are not finding what they are looking for.

This lead us to think of an idea to satisfy both the budget minded & DIY prone collector as well as those that want something not so mainstream.

The idea: Self-Assemble Custom Record Player Furniture.

Now keep in mind that the project is not live yet and might require a lot of tinkering to get it to the point where it is sellable, but here are the product specs.

The product itself & specifications

As with many turntable furniture the product itself can come delivered assembled at a premium cost or in a self-assembled fashion. This will ensure that we cover our basis on the different aspects of potential customers interested in the product.

Customers will have the ability to customize their record player stand to their heart's content. This will include allowing them to choose different types of materials used in the frame such as wood, metal, plastic or a combination. Within this customization, buyers will also be able to choose from different colors and color schemes and a few other neat little extras.

This will be fun for those the love woodworking since they will be able to build something without having to buy all the separate pieces themselves. If they choose to assemble it themselves it could save them a lot of time while still having the joy of building their own turntable stand.

Customers will also get the opportunity choose from different size specifications and dimensions. We're thinking of having a one size fits all record stand base and then allowing customers to add different cubes or areas to that base in either a separate or attached fashion. This could include special sections for vinyl storage, compartments, flip open table tops and more.

The idea still needs some ironing out, but getting some initial feedback from potential customers would help immensely in making a turntable stand that speaks to vinyl collectors.

If all go's well we'll be improving this page, by adding demo pictures and hopefully making a full-time business out of this venture. 

Get in touch and let us know your thoughts on the idea!


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