SELDI 7-in-1 Wearable Video Rig
SELDI 7-in-1 Wearable Video Rig

This project has already launched.

SELDI is the first wearable video rig that puts you 100% in control of what you're recording. It gives you all the essential functions for recording videos with any smartphone, GoPro or action camera, digital compact camera, and 360° cameras.

SELDI’s unique design allows it to be worn, handheld and extended for all your creative needs. SELDI makes it easy to record smooth and fluid videos. 

WEARABLE POV - Make first-person point-of-view movies

MINI TRIPOD - Sets up quickly and helps stabilize your shot

HAND GRIP - Capture low & high angle shots, pans, close-ups, walking / running hand-held follow shots and more 

STABILIZER - Reduce shakiness and smooth out your video 

SELFIE STICK - Get the perfect selfie or group shot

MULTI-MOUNT - Be creative and mount the SELDI wherever you need to

Give your hands and arms a break. Use SELDI to watch videos in bed, read a book, recover from an injury, or play Pokemon Go. 

Professional filmmaker director Beom-sik Jeong used SELDIs to record authentic POV footage and selfie videos for his new movie Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum.

The director used SELDI as a GoPro video rig and outfitted each actor with a SELDI and 2 GoPro Hero Session cameras. This allowed him to capture point-of-view (POV) and selfie videos at the same time.

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