Seger Smart Clothing
Seger Smart Clothing

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OUR VISION at Smart Clothes has always been to provide greater security for all age groups, at any time of day or night, in every situation life throws your way, in any activity you engage in.


After observing specific individual needs for safety and well-being in various activities and scenarios in the process of daily life, we recognized a need to better optimize the support for an individual’s personal safety in all areas by the implementation of certain technologies to achieve that goal.  With this in mind, we have created a unique garment that combines enhanced safety functionality, pleasing fashionable appeal and high performance response properties.


Whatever turn of events, incidents, occurrences or happenings in varied environments you may find yourself in where your cell service fails or you are unconscious or incapacitated to an extent to where you cannot manually perform an action to get help, Seger with Active GPS automatically does the work for you.

The GPS is equipped with a very powerful sensor that can be manually activated or deactivated by pressing the button three times.  In active mode, if an individual falls down, the jacket alarm system activates automatically. Upon standing, the system returns to normal function.  However, if the individual wearing the jacket falls down and is motionless for a period of 20 seconds, the system will automatically send distress messages to preassigned designated contacts.


Our garments, from start to finish, have been developed for comfort, reliability and safety of users, offering superb wind and water protection.  Our product has an advanced level of technology which allows for excellent thermoregulating and wicking properties.  The utmost attention has gone into the greatest and smallest of details from adjusting the position of the eyelets, to placement of pockets to allow greater comfort without compromising usability.

The jacket features include a unique anti-bacterial copper collar.  It has a high zippered collar that provides excellent protection of the neck and face against wind, rain and cold.  The jacket also includes a 5200 milliamp hours battery that charges both the phone and the GPS.  Special pockets are designed inside the jacket to allow the phone, battery charger and GPS unit to be tucked neatly and safely away out of sight.


With your kind and much needed support and funding, we can complete the development and launch of our first production.   Our success depends on your support.  Thank you so much for your interest in our jacket and for sharing with others. 




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