SEE[K]box aims to deliver products that inspire you to see more, to seek after and to strive to expand social consciousness. Here, we invite you to connect with a different kind of subscription service that is simply a way for you to transition into a new way of life - and brought right to your doorstep!

Every season, you'll receive goods that do good - but mostly, we want to unbox conversations about the environment, health, science, world affairs, etc. and cultivate new practices in our daily routines.

You might take a bite out of the most sustainably made (and best tasting) chocolate you’ve ever had while watching a documentary on South American travels. Maybe you’ll brew a cup of your new favorite tea - paired perfectly with a magazine full with even grander discoveries. You could even find something incredibly useful in the box - and entirely reusable too! You might find a new passion, something to advocate for, to give a voice to. That is our purpose for SEE[K] - to raise awareness, evoke action and ultimately transform our lifestyles. 

SEE[K]box puts heavy thought and consideration into each and every little treat that goes in the box. We strive to partner with as many wholesome, feel-good, mindful, small-footprint, big-impact, you-trust-it enterprises as possible!

So, Stay Connected!

We can’t wait to unveil the ultimate gift that keeps on giving - because with every care package you receive, you’re also giving back <3

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