SecuredClass App
SecuredClass App

This project has already launched.

Why is this needed?

After watching the news on April 10th after the San Bernadino shooting that left one teacher and one student dead along with the shooter.

The answer that kept repeating during the interviews with parents was have talked to your child? No. Have they heard from the school? No.

I thought how I would be if I were in that situation? I could not handle not knowing, not getting answers.

That's when I came up with this idea, in the hopes that it will help parents in the future.

How does the app work?

Teachers will download the app to their mobile device.

Teachers will then add each of their classes to the app.

Each Class will have a unique code that is provided to Parents.

Parents download the app and add the class using the unique code.

During a School Emergency, the teacher will select the class they are currently in and alert parents if the class is ok.

Parents will receive the notification alerting them of the emergency and letting them know the status of the classroom.

Current Stage

I am currently in the beginning stages of this project; I have found a great company here in California, located in San Fransisco that will handle the development of the app.

The goal is based on the complexity of developing the app; Funds will go towards development.

Once we reach our funding goal, The company will start the development; the current timeline is approximately 2 - 3 month after we have been funded.

As soon as the funding goal is completed and the app has been developed (with some testing), it will be released on the Apple App Store.

Will the design change?

The app design pictured above will most likely change once the development starts, designs will be posted for supporters feedback.

What will the App cost be?

The app will be released on the Apple app store for $1.99.

If we can maintain the app and offer it for free, then we will, but currently, we are still figuring out the cost of updates and server hosting.

What about Android?

The app is only being developed for the Apple app store. For us to be able to release the app for both platforms, our funding goal would have to be between $150k - $200k. If we are not able to raise that amount before the end of this campaign, we will create an another campaign at a later date.

Risks and challenges

If we can successfully reach our funding goal, the only challenge I can see would be getting teachers to adopt the app and use it for their classrooms.

It would be up to each teacher to use it, and hopefully, the school districts would allow them to use it during emergencies.


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