Secrets of the Stones
Secrets of the Stones

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After suddenly awakening, completely alone and with mysterious injuries, Christine has no recollection of who or where she is. She finds herself pursued by dragons, rogue magicians, and an heiress hell-bent on revenge. Through her own instinct and intuition, Christine must try and piece together the story of her life. Who is a friend and who is a foe? Who had she been and who will she become? Sometimes it is only in our most vulnerable moments that we are able to find our true inner strength.


In our debut graphic novel, Secrets of the Stones, creators Sabrina Kidd and Katy Arrington have drawn on our own personal experiences dealing with love, loss and inner strength. The result is instantly relatable. With each frame readers can identify with the protagonist, and the complicated relationships that she must navigate as she is faced with new challenges at every turn. 

Throughout the narrative, writer Sabrina Kidd has underscored the message that, while each of us carry our own unique set of flaws, we all have the power to defeat the demons that pursue us: be they dragons or self doubt. As an innovator who has launched multiple brands and products, Kidd knows what it is like to overcome obstacles and face her fears straight on.

Illustrator Katy Arrington has brought this fantastic world and complex characters to life, imagining evil magicians and floating castles in vivid detail and color. Arrington’s inspiration comes from her own ever-changing surroundings, as she has spent the past year traveling the world and exploring different cities and cultures. The illustrations are a composition of all the beauty that this world—and others—has to offer.


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