Secret Gold
Secret Gold

This project has already launched.

Enter a modern world full of magic...

In a world where magic is the lifeblood of society and the fantastic is just as accessible as modern technology, finding your soulmate should be as easy as flicking a wand, right? Even with the mass production of a luxury magical device called a Soul Tracker explicitly designed to assist hopeless romantics, the odds are still stifling.

What is the Kickstarter Funding?

The final costs to bring this novella to life. With your support, I will be able to cover the editing and printing costs for an approx. 100 book run. Professional editing: Approximately $225 (I've proofread my own work, but having a bit of polish from a professional is always a good idea, and an experienced editor is priceless!) Printing & Production Costs for an approx. 100 book run Total estimated cost: $465. The remaining funds will be used to offset book shipping costs, Kickstarter’s processing fee, and taxes related to the project.

Stretch Goals:

If we reach $750, that will activate a stretch-goal art book companion that will be added to the artist's circle and author's circle reward tiers. (A digital version will be available for any other reward tiers.)

If we reach $1000+, I will shower all of you lovely supporters in gold. Well, sort of-- in addition to the gold embossed bookmarks, all KS edition copies of the book will be upgraded with gold foil, making an exclusive and exquisite edition for backers.

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