Secret Form Brassiere for Women
Secret Form Brassiere for Women


Stop Hiding, Be Confident!
Are you just going to keep imagining beautiful bodies? Let’s make it happen. 


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♥ Women Who Need

  • Their breasts are small and inelastic.
  • Students who need breast growth palpation during their growth period.
  • People who are worried about their loose breasts after birth, breast-feeding and loss-of-weight,

 ♥ Women Who Could Not Manage Their Breasts Well Due to Lack of Time

  • It is safe.
  • It can be used during housework, traveling, working, watching TV and reading book.

♥ Women Who Want to Increase Breast Elasticity and Volume

  •  By inducing volume of breast tissues to increase, it recovers elasticity of loose breasts and lets breast tissues to continuously enlarge and create more tissues within the body by themselves.


Secret form is…

By applying physical force on breasts according to human biorhythm, cellular tissues are expanded and proliferated.

By permitting TENS and vitalizing cellular tissues, it results in smooth proliferation. When the physical cellular expansion happens, pain and edema are reduced. Consequently, it creates natural, well-rounded breasts without any surgery. The secret form is a fuzzy-type breast enhancement system.

Through a simple change, it can be used as a  menstrual pain reliever. It has almost no physical side-effect and has an effective pain-relieving medical supportive function.

It has almost no physical side-effect and has an effective pain-relieving medical supportive function.

Secret form is made with the purpose of breast augmenting, expanding and pain-relieving part of our body.

Secret form is a breast-caring system that creates an area by exercising some pressure and within the area; tissues of breasts grow which consequently helps increase the breast volume. Through constant TENS stimulus, it promotes metabolism around breasts, and it augments the breast size and finally makes them beautiful and elastic.

By designing the product in a way that allows adjustment of vacuum level for personal preference, it is a patented product that can lessen phenomena like pain, skin color change, nipple size enlargement and sensitive skin nerve cell slowdown.


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