Scurra :2 - unique enduro bike
Scurra :2 - unique enduro bike

This project has already launched.

Q01: What makes the Scurra :2 unique?

Innovative TRELEVER® front suspension system without telescopic fork
Allows 7+ inch front suspension travel on a 29er wheel
Enhanced front wheel control by triple linked wheel carrier
Extreme stability with virtually no breaka way force
Trial-style agility combined with freeride toughness
Patented in USA, Japan, China and Europe
Designed, engineered and manufactured in Europe

Q02: Why is Trelever® better than classic suspension?

Because Scurra:2 can provide:

minimum response lag of the suspension,
low unsuspended mass,
low moment of inertia around the steering axle,
high rigidity of the suspension,
kinematically adjustable brake pitch reconciliation (anti-dive effect),
low structural load of the frame,
substantial suspension travel with 29-inch wheels,
easily adjustable progressive-kinematic manipulation of the shock strut,
only minimal alterations of wake and steering angles during suspension travel (when doing deflection bounces).

Q03: Can you explain it more simply?

The best argument is a comparison with old rear suspensions of motorcycles.

If you look into history, rear suspension was also designed with telescopic forks - plungers (just like front suspension nowadays), but as the technology progressed, forks were replaced with more effective ideas - the first: simple swingarm. At the end of the 1950s, the rear wheel swingarm, known since the 1910s, replaced the construction of the straight-travel spring suspension. And finally the last development by mountain bikes - 2 systems based on parallelogramme technology: 4-link suspension and VPP (virtual pivot point). But why? Because this type of suspension is the best!


Technology always goes further, we did the same! TRELEVER® system fits this development, but in the front, right to the front wheel.



Q04: How much is TRELEVER® better?

Test results show that TRELEVER® is up to 20% more effective than the best forks on the market. This means that you can drive around 10% faster, or 10% longer.

Below you can see a comparsion between our TRELEVER® and classic suspension.


We tracked an impact of power and vibration that rider absorbs.




Q05: Who stands behind the Scurra :2 campaign?

The main member of our team is DI Martin Trebichavsky and his company xoiox KG, who makes the production happen. In year 2009 he came up with an idea and patented Trelever® suspension system. His job in our team is development and technology. He is the founder. His brother Roman is responsible for finance.

Industry designer Rouven Haas cooperates and is a team member since 2009, he helps with a design and marketing.

Mr. Michael Wall is a team member since 2012 and supports us in sales and marketing.

Newer members are Marianna Tothova and Tomas Mizera that supports us with communication, research, organisation and administration.

We also cooperate with several MTB riders, who take part in testing and measuring.


Q06: What do we need 220.000 USD for?

We plan to create 50 brand new Scurra :2, (less amount would be unprofitable) bikes in three sizes, 33 frame sets and 17 complete bikes, 6 bikes reserved for testing and certification
Production of 80 B-Boxes (50xB-Box, 30xB-Box+)
Certification of both products in European institutions
Patents – maintenance expenses, anual fees
Improving design through hydroforming technology


Q07: Why is it so expensive?

Longtime development
Patent protection
Designed, engineered and manufactured in Europe.(thus we can keep everything under control)
Testing, measuring and comparing
High quality components

Q08: Will you change the price of perks?

No, these prices are set precisely, we will not change them over time. Also, we do not use any secret perks.

Q09: In which countries is front suspension system TRELEVER® patented?

We proudly hold patents in Europe, USA, China and Japan. Martin Trebichavsky of Xoiox KG is the sole owner of the patent.

You can find our patents on these sites:

International patent #WO/2011/038431
US patent #US8534692B2
Front page of China patent:


Q10: How long did the development take?

Well, we started in 2009, checkout these previous developments



Q11: In what sizes will be Scurra :2 available?

The standard sizes are Medium, Large and Extra Large. If there is demand (min. 5 orders), it is also possible to make Small and XXL. In minimum 3 sizes : M, L, XL. In case of interest (min. 5 orders), there is a possibility of making also S and XXL sizes.


Q12: What is Scurra :2 made of?

Frame and wheel suspensions are made of high strength aluminium alloy named EN AW-7020, individual components are made of alloy EN AW-7075. All semi-finished goods are certificates acc. DIN 102024, acceptance certificate acc. 3.1.


Q13: How much weighs Scurra :2 and the frame set?

The compleetly Scurra bike according specificactions on our web (HERE)

weighs 13,8 kg / 30.5 lb (medium size) . The frame set Scurra, medium size, with front and rear suspensions systems, with shocks is 7,2 kg / 15.8 lb light.


Picture above represents how is Scurra:2 frameset perk delivered. (Of course, it is packed in B-Box)


Q14: How do you deliver bike Scurra :2 and the frame set ?

We ship directly in our own plastic case, the so called B-Box for the frame set and the B-Box+ for the complete bicycle. See both links: B-Box, B-Box+


Q15: When will the products be made and delivered?

B-Box plus - April 2017
B-Box - February 2017
T-Shirts - January 2017
Scurra :2 frame set - April 2017
Scurra :2 complete set - May 2017


We still consider which colors to choose, maybe you can help us! Leave a comment/mail with the color you like.


Q16: Why are the prices so “sharp-edged”?

Our prices are not “marketing” prices, but precisely calculated in EUR and recalculated to USD. Yes, of course, merchandising and donations are not excluded.


Q17: Can a B-Box and and a B-Box+ be used for a transport of other bikes as well?

Yes, of course, they are universal. This is what it looks like fully loaded


Q18: What is the difference between B-Box and B-Box+?

Our transport case B-Box+ can be attached to a car top carrier.



Q19: Made in Europe?

Yes, we insist on quality, control of the production, possibility of a quick development and changes. Scurra :2 and B-Box are made and put together in Central Europe, specifically in Austria and from suppliers in Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy. Needless to say ,we use components from renovated producers from all over the world.


Q20: What is your long-term goal?

Our goal is to develop and produce a whole range of bicycles types from downhill, enduro, all mountain, cross country and also comfortable city bikes. In cooperation with (our) partners from motorbike industry we would like to establish Trelever suspension system into motorcycling world.


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