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The FUTURE of the Global Film Industry… Now!


Tired of the remakes, sequels, 

and some of the crap movies

being made these days?


Scriptank is EMPOWERING you, the movie-audience,

to choose the movie scripts that you want made into movies

instead of the Studio Bean-Counters!


Scriptank is targeted to be the next biggest thing on the Internet...

Facebook, Amazon, and Netflix

all rolled into one AWESOME Internet website.


and all accessible by an App via your smart phone, tablet, 

smart TV, and of course...your computer.


Everyone benefits! You control what movies get made, Scriptwriters make money on every download and great Option-fees, filmmakers and producers get scripts that everyone loves, are prepackaged and funded, and ready for production, and everyone gets access to global digital distribution for downloads and streaming.


Lets make it happen together.

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