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ScreenCloud is a digital signage software solution that makes it easy and affordable to display content on screens. Our award-winning digital signage platform is up to 82% cheaper than traditional digital signage vendors. Our pricing is so competitive because our easy-to-use software works with a wide range of consumer screens and media players; we don’t lock you into expensive specialized hardware.


Designed specifically for non-techies, ScreenCloud is the ideal digital signage software for small businesses, not-for-profits, churches, education, retail and hospitality – even internal office communications. ScreenCloud works with Android TV and media players like Google ChromeCast, ChromeBit or Amazon Fire to put your content onto TV screens.


Our drag-and-drop Content Management System (CMS) works a lot like Google Calendar. Decide what content you want to display and schedule it onto your screens, whether you’re a school or restaurant with one screen or a large retailer wanting to create multi-screen video walls across hundreds of locations. It really is that easy.


You can upload and display images, videos, spreadsheets, dashboards, even HTML5 apps and websites! Need content? Using our free App Store, you can display your social media feeds on screens, embed YouTube videos, show the latest news from the BBC, CNN and more!


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