Scrambled With Ease: Revolutionary Egg Solutions
Scrambled With Ease: Revolutionary Egg Solutions

This project has already launched.

Our Mission:

To provide a product that brings efficiency in preparing a great tasting and nutritious plate of eggs.


- Nutrition

- Saves Time

- Saves Money

- Tastes Great

- Quick and Easy

What's in it?: (Nutrition Facts and Ingredients Lists Below)

- Dehydrated Vegetables: Filled with the same vitamins and minerals as their fresh equivalents. 

- Freeze Dried Meats and Cheeses: Filled with protein and calcium to keep the body running strong.

- Dried Dairy: Great way to get more calcium into your diet.

- Basic Spices: To give the eggs extra flavor. 

Who it Benefits:

- Campers and Hikers: Scrambled With Ease takes up very little room and can turn plain-tasting eggs or nasty powdered eggs into something you will look forward to.

- Families on the go: Instead of bland eggs that kids won't eat or cereal loaded with sugar, add a packet of Scrambled With Ease to eggs and send your kids off to school knowing they were fed for success! 

- College Students and Young Professionals: Scrambled With Ease is the instant oatmeal for eggs. If it's quick and easy, then it's made for them.

- Health and Fitness Enthusiasts: Scrambled With Ease will provide a nutritious option that appeals to most diet regimes, allowing fitness enthusiasts more time to be active and less time chopping veggies.

- Daily Egg Consumers: Scrambled With Ease will not only save time and money, but it will give people the opportunity to easily change the flavor of scrambled eggs, therefore expanding their egg menu significantly.

Customer Reviews:   

"These are the perfect quick egg addition. I eat eggs several times a week and usually it's just egg and cheese or boil 'em up and go because I don't have time. This takes out the time needed for vegetable prep or pre cooking meats. I have tried them all except the Spicy one." - Amy from Bingham, ME  

"A LOT of people ask me how I can possibly eat eggs EVERY morning!!! IT'S SIMPLE!!! I use The New Eggspectation's products. So easy to use and changes my flavors up everyday!!! Today I'm using Sausage & Onion With Cheese!!! Eating healthy is vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle!!! Make sure you check out this amazing invention today and get yourself some Scrambled With Ease!!!" - Alexander from Allen, TX  

"I had my first meat lovers eggs today! I love the added protein it brings to the meal. I

was skeptical at first but they were phenomenal and I recommend The New Eggspectation to anyone!" - Kayla from Saco, ME

We received an excellent product review from Danny Griffis who writes for Griffis Family Outdoors, a popular outdoor family adventure blog.

Need to Know More? Find the Details Below  

The New Eggspectation has created a product that people can add to fresh eggs, or egg substitute, before cooking to create a fantastic meal. We use dehydrated vegetables and freeze-dried products (meats, milk, and cheese) to create a longer shelf life than traditional ingredients that are often added to eggs.

Our Customers:  

The New Eggspectation has many different types of customers who benefit from our product. Our customers range from everyday egg consumers to hardcore backpackers who eat powdered eggs for breakfast on the trail. We believe one of the strongest markets is the camping and hiking market. Scrambled With Ease takes up virtually no room in comparison to its perishable equivalent, and many campers and hikers are already familiar with eating freeze dried and dehydrated foods. Scrambled With Ease will give campers and hikers a way to make bland powdered and freeze dried eggs taste great. 

Scrambled With Ease loves families on the go, and families on the go love Scrambled With Ease. The excitement of trying something new and interesting can change a child’s mind on eating something they might not like. Parents all know this struggle. It's not always easy to find something that a child is willing to eat. It's fun for kids to help their parents create a new and interesting meal with Scrambled With Ease. Scrambled With Ease offers five different flavors for kids to enjoy, so there is no hassle if one child wants eggs with veggies and another wants meat and cheese. 

College students and young professionals view Scrambled With Ease as an easy way to whip up a great tasting meal. Scrambled With Ease is the "Easy Mac" of eggs. A popular alternative process to cooking eggs in a college dorm or small apartment is in a microwave. Scrambled With Ease only enhances this already simple process, and the busy college student or young professional now has a more nutritious and better tasting bowl of eggs. If it's easy, tastes great, and doesn't cost much money, then young people will love it! 

The active lifestyle is very popular in this day and age. People spend time everyday looking for a way to get their workout in. Before work, after work, or on lunch breaks, people are choosing to devote their precious time to live an active lifestyle. Losing this time means less time to grocery shop and less time to prepare meals. Because eggs are so quick, easy, and nutritious, many people find themselves preparing eggs on a regular basis. Scrambled With Ease is healthy and gives people more of the nutrients that they want. It also prevents them from having to purchase and store perishable equivalents. 

Scrambled With Ease opens up an entire new section on the menu for daily egg consumers. Scrambled With Ease will not only save them time and money, but it will give them the opportunity to easily change the flavor of scrambled eggs

Our Market Research:  

Through social media, we had over 100 people from Maine to Hawaii request free samples and participate in our market analysis. We sent the participants one of each of our flavors of Scrambled With Ease. The participants were asked to try each flavor and then answer a series of questions through an online survey. The result of the market analysis surpassed our expectations and showed us that we have a desired and marketable product.

Our Five Flavors:


 Made with dairy, butter, and basic spices, Original will bring restaurant quality scrambled eggs right to your kitchen. Fluffy, smooth, and tasty are the words often used to describe scrambled eggs with the addition of Original Scrambled With Ease. You can add Original to your scrambled eggs and never have to worry about having your preferred perishable egg additive on hand at all times.

Veggie is a colorful blend of our Original flavor mixed with onions and bell peppers. Veggie will appeal to the vegetarian crowd while also offering non vegetarians the opportunity to get some veggies in their diet while enjoying a fantastic plate of scrambled eggs. You can add Veggie to your scrambled eggs and not have to worry about chopping your finger off while dicing the half rotten pepper that has been in your refrigerator for a month. Don’t even get us started on the hassle of cutting onions...

Sausage and Onion With Cheese is a tasty blend of our Original flavor mixed with onion, cheddar cheese, and sausage. Sausage and Onion With Cheese was voted as the favorite flavor from The New Eggspectation’s trial survey. Make sure that you try this one because it is delectable! You can add Sausage and Onion With Cheese to your scrambled eggs and never have to worry about eating a boring plate of scrambled eggs again.

Southern Style is spicy blend of our Original flavor mixed with jalapenos, cheddar cheese, and sausage. Southern Style not only tastes great but it is also a breakfast that will "bite back" for all you flame seekers out there. You can add Southern Style to your scrambled eggs and never have to worry about hot pepper hands ever again. Trust us.

Meat Lovers is a hearty blend of our Original flavor mixed with cheddar cheese, sausage, and vegan bacon. Don’t let the idea of vegan bacon stop you from enjoying this great tasting flavor. Once in your mouth, it’s virtually impossible to tell the difference between vegan bacon and real bacon. Meat Lovers is for all the carnivores out there and anyone else who likes to start their morning off with lots of protein. You can add Meat Lovers to your scrambled eggs and combine favorite breakfast meats into one hearty plate of eggs.

About Us: 

Our story begins with a strong distaste of chopping vegetables and eating flavorless eggs. It was a busy Wednesday night. Brian and his wife, Chaelley, both forgot to take something out of the freezer to prepare for dinner that night. The Zinchuks are all fans of breakfast for dinner so Brian decided that he would make scrambled eggs with toast. There weren't any ingredients to add to the scrambled eggs, so the Zinchuks ate bland tasting scrambled eggs for dinner. As Brian cooked the eggs, he wished that there was something to add to make the eggs taste better. That wish didn’t escape Brian’s mind, and later that night he did research and found that nothing existed on the market. Further research ensued and Brian’s wish, The New Eggspectation, became a reality.

Brian is a twelve year Marine Corps veteran who served two tours to Iraq. He currently holds his Associate's Degree and is working towards completing his Bachelor's Degree in Business Entrepreneurship. He lives in Windham, ME with his wife, Chaelley, and son, Jackson.

Tim, a loving uncle and successful motorcycle mechanic, is currently a paint specialist working in the automotive industry. Tim holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. Outside of his day job, Tim works tirelessly with Brian for The New Eggspectation. Tim currently lives in Portland, ME.

Your Support: 

Your support will give us the ability to continue on the path of bringing Scrambled With Ease to a retail store near you. The New Eggspectation will use the funds to develop advertising to target the markets who will benefit from Scrambled With Ease the most. We will also use the funds to refine our packaging, and make it more conducive for a retail environment. 


Thank you to Herman Mantis for shooting and building us an awesome project video. You can check out more of their work at 

Thank you to Micromasse for letting us use "For Hugh" in our project video. You can check them out at

Risks and challenges

The New Eggspectation has been very lucky thus far in developing the company with our first product, Scrambled With Ease. Along the way, we have received advice and have been connected with people and services that have saved us a lot of time and money. Now we are at the point where we want to scale our business to get into retails stores. Doing this exposes the company to many new challenges and risks, most that are already being addressed and worked on, or have already been resolved.

The first challenge is creating a box that is not only conducive to retail, but also appealing to customers that may or may not be looking for a product like Scrambled With Ease. We have already found our box, but now we need to decide on the graphics that will go on the box to catch the customer's eye.

Our second challenge is deciding on a co-packer that not only has the certifications to handle our product, but also the capacity to handle significant future orders. We have already started talks will two different facilities in the North East.

Our third challenge will be getting our name out there. The food manufacturing industry does provide a very likely opportunity to succeed. Everybody needs food, therefore, we provide a product that people like, and feel that they need, then our chances of success are great. We will need to be smart with our advertising, and placement of our products within stores.

With the help of the Kickstarter community all of these challenges will be much easier to overcome.

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