Scollar Mini for Small Dogs and Cats
Scollar Mini for Small Dogs and Cats

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Have you ever wanted to check on your pet’s location and health while at work? Have you ever lost your pet? Do you forget to get your pet their medications? Have trouble keeping them in the yard?

Have you every felt overwhelmed by the ever-expanding technology for pet care? Those high prices add up to be quite expensive.

For that reason, we've created an all-in-one solution to pet care:

No longer do you have to outfit your pet with multiple collars for pet tracking, training, activity monitoring, health monitoring, pet door opening, food dispensing, communicating, anti-bark reminding and perimeter barriers.

Scollar Mini is a smart cat and small dog collar built on an open hardware and software platform that includes GPS tracking with no monthly fees, a tappable display, up to 30-day battery life, expandable functionality and so much more!

Scollar is the all-in-one pet collar that is perfect for every stage of your pet's life!

The Scollar Mini smart collar is designed to be very intuitive and easy to use alongside the Scollar app (more on this below). Simply download the Scollar app and enter your pet's information.

Scollar Mini is automatically paired with your phone when you power it up.

The Scollar app will then prompt you to enter feeding, flea/tick and medication reminders, and set up a home zone for your pet in case they get lost.

Scollar functionality is expanded through modules, which are easily inserted and then seamlessly integrate with the collar. In the case of the perimeter barrier module you can assign a beacon disc as a barrier to keep your pet off of the kitchen counter or keep them away from an other pet's food bowl.

The Scollar Mini has crowdsourced GPS tracking technology to find your lost pet in your neighborhood or many miles away. You can keep track of the current and past locations of your pet. The Scollar Base Station is even equipped with WiFi so you can keep track of your pet while you are away!

If your pet is begging for food, simply tap on the screen to find out if they have already been fed.

You can also ensure flea/tick treatments are up to date, and if medications have been administered by simply tapping on the collar screen.

The LED lights on the collar make the pet visible at night and can help you find the collar if it breaks away from your cat or dog. The LEDs and beeper alert you to a notification on the collar. These notifications also show up on your phone.

The battery can be charged without removing the collar from your pet. Simply attach the portable magnetic charging block to the bottom of the collar and in an hour the collar is fully charged. The portable battery charger can provide two full collar charges. With the added Base Station, the collar battery can last up to 30 days.

The Scollar app allows you to train your pet through videos that you can favorite, rate and rank. Customize your training feed with the highest ranked videos; poop on the ones you never want to see in your feed again.

Never lose your pet again. Set up a home area for your pet and get an alert any time they wander outside of it. The app supports tracking of multiple pets at once and even allows you to keep track of them while you are away with the Base Station connected to your WiFi!

With how busy we are its easy to forget the simplest of things. The Scollar app is customized by you to remind you to feed your pets. So the next time they come begging for food, you can simply check the collar and know if they have been fed.

A healthy pet is a happy pet. The Scollar app allows you to set reminders so you won't forget or miss getting you pet their medications. No more scratching at 3am!

The Scollar Mini is built on an open hardware and software platform, meaning independent developers are always working to improve the product and adding additional functionality. Since the Scollar is open source it is always expanding and making life easier for you and your pets.

John and Lisa are long time business partners with complimentary skill sets. They have started several businesses including an engineering cloud service that was acquired by the largest CAD vendor on the planet and incorporated into their flagship AEC product.

Bryant has designed and delivered multiple consumer electronics with million plus units shipping.

Terry has delivered several consumer electronic products from NPI through to million plus shipping units.

John has deep experience in programming, software development and mechanical engineering and has coordinated multiple globally dispersed teams to deliver time sensitive projects on time.

Lisa has deep experience in financial planning and analysis, as well as business strategy and development, enabling her to create a roadmap and then execute on it, keeping the team motivated, moving forward and on track.

The Scollar team and development partners are the brightest, most talented, dedicated and passionate experts in their fields. These teams work together in a highly collaborative way and are aligned towards delivering a truly revolutionary smart collar to market.

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