War Prime: Tabletop Miniatures Game
War Prime: Tabletop Miniatures Game

Kingmaker Games is developing a new line of Sci-Fi miniatures to use with all your favorite tabletop RPGs and War Games.  In addition we will be developing our own free to download and play miniatures war game.

Our miniatures work perfectly as proxies in all your favorite 28mm war games. They also make epic heroes, monsters and villains in your space opera RPG. Hobbyists will be happy to know that our minis come unassembled for you to build, paint and kit-bash as you like.

Our miniatures are scaled to the same size as the most popular 28mm miniatures games. This means that most humans will measure approximately 28mm to eye level while other units like our alien Amarant will be closer to 32mm.

Increased funding will allow us to build more amazing miniatures. By funding this project you are taking part in building a much larger universe.  Countless stars and worlds inhabited by uknown beings are waiting to be discovered.

 The War Prime rules will be FREE to download and play. We know that war games can be very expensive. We are making our game free so anyone can join the intergalactic struggle without spending a ton of extra cash on books.

In addition, we will have a limited selection of Proxy tokens available. Players will be able to download the game, print the tokens, and play the game for free. It’s a great way to learn and try the game without spending any cash!


War Prime is set in a rich universe of both unknown and familiar. While the game will begin focusing on a tense galactic conflict, we have even grander plans to explore the dark worlds and lost empires that span our vast sea of stars.

A massive cosmic anomaly of unknown origin has begun ripping its way through the Galaxy. Composed of exotic matter, this destructive force has had unpredictable interactions with the ordinary matter making up our galaxy. Collisions with the cosmic anomaly have had even greater effects on stars, triggering massive planet sterilizing solar flares, collapses into black holes, or even supernovas.

The devastation to the Human Empire was absolute. Their draconian imperial conquest had forged a nation spanning thousands of star systems, and made an equal number of enemies. Under the strain of the cataclysm, Human civilization fractured. A hundred different factions led by various warlords, religious leaders, pirates, and fringe groups rebelled against the Empire. With humanity in disarray, other aliens and fiends position their forces to deal a deathblow to the Human race.

The alien Kelk, an old rival of mankind, seized this opportunity to launch an offensive against Sol, the bastion of the Human Empire of mankind. Jupiter High Command was turned to slag, the orbital palaces over Venus were ransacked, and Earth was bathed in the blood of the Empire's ruling aristocracy.

As human hope waned, explorers were able to harvest traces of negative-mass exotic matter left in the wake of the cosmic anomaly. The energy dense substances led to scientific breakthroughs, radically advancing technology beyond its prior limitations. Exotic weapon systems, ballistic reflecting armor, and Wormhole space travel are just a few of the latest inventions poised to reshape all conflict to come. What might have led to the end of all human existence has become the power to turn the tide. Now many other races want this power for themselves.


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