School of Hard Blocks
School of Hard Blocks

This project has already launched.


They're blocks.

Need more? Fine.

The School of Hard Blocks is a set of 12 concrete alphabet blocks that depict some of the hardships of real life.

These aren't the wooden blocks of your childhood with cutesy little drawings of animals and stuff. No, these blocks feature the kinds of terrible, real things we all go through. And they're made of concrete. 

From erectile dysfunction to childbirth, depression to dentists, juice cleanses to genocidal dictators, hangovers to hipsters, the School of Hard Blocks makes fun of it all.

It’s a great gift idea. Buy one for your mom. Or your brother. Or that hard to shop for person in your life. Or that guy at work you don’t really know but drew his name for the office gift exchange and have no idea what to get him. It’s great for that guy, too.


12, 1.75 x 1.75 inch concrete blocks. 

Each 12-block set includes:

  • 42 illustrated hardships
  • 18 letters (It's not the whole alphabet, but don't worry. You can still spell all the important curse words.)
  • Why not?
  • We like to make stuff.
  • We like funny things.
  • The world needs more funny things. 


Well, there's a question. We've been building these bad boys out of our garage, hobby-style. Bootstrappin' by our shoe strings and what not. While that's great and all, we're looking at the bigger picture. Your Kickstarter pledge allows us to upgrade our equipment, facilities, and supply-buying so we can make a real run at producing this product on a larger scale.

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